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  1. Chevy1925

    Happy Thanksgiving All!

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  2. Chevy1925 and tech2win help

    Alright guys, i swear im not retarded but GM has got to make this shit overly difficult to use. Yall know im fairly computer literate but im getting real fed up with trying to get the damn tech2win to work. as of right now, i dont have a GDS2 subscription. i buy them as needed through the...
  3. Chevy1925

    Triangle G-rated 16" trailer tires

    IM curious those that tow or hotshot if any of you have ran the Triangle TR T01S G rated trailer tires in the 235/85R16 flavor. They are 100% chinese made but damn they are cheap lol. I bought 2 to replace the 5 year old hartland g rated 235/85R16's on my toy hauler. They were showing signs of...
  4. Chevy1925

    Mike L has passed away.......

    I just received some of the most terrible news, guys. Mike L has passed away… it was very fast from what I’m told but it was that damn cancer… if any of you were close to him, you would know he was fighting some medical issues the past 6-7 months that were non cancer related (or it was and he...
  5. Chevy1925

    2020+ lowering kits??

    Alright boys, I’m pretty sure I’m headed in a new altitude direction with the truck. Always lifted my rigs but I’ve always had a thought about lowering a cc/lb. I think they look pretty slick with a good set of wheels. Right now I’m leveled with t-bars cranked 5 turns (only raised the front...
  6. Chevy1925

    Happy New Year 2022!

    Happy new year everyone!
  7. Chevy1925

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Be safe out there, keep the tires on the roads and smoke them the whole way!
  8. Chevy1925

    Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks - Inspection and How to Rebuild Them

    So N2BRK contacted me a couple months back about a set of Fox 2.0 performance series shocks he had from his dmax. they had about 20k on them and said two were leaking oil and seemed blown. he was not impressed with their longevity and i cant say i dont blame him. We went back and forth for a bit...
  9. Chevy1925

    Late but Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sorry guys, we were at the dunes all week and signal was terrible! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!! We wound up deep frying our turkey in my dads enclosed trailer due to the wind we had. Even crammed everyone in there for dinner
  10. Chevy1925

    Updated Seaching

    Afternoon guys! Mr N2BRK shot me a PM a couple weeks about reducing the minimum words needed from 4 to 3. He made the point that many important key words like CP3 MM3 Fan and so on, cant be used in the search. Damn good point. So after some changes, updates and fixes, ive upgraded the search...
  11. Chevy1925

    Inglewood Transmission New Online Store!

    Since @[email protected] is out there slackin on updating here (probably still trying to get his TV workin right in the office :ROFLMAO: ), i figured id update a bit of stuff here. Inglewood transmissions now has a new website/online store that is pretty killer. Its up and running so dont...
  12. Chevy1925

    Looking for a mini-split for my garage

    Anyone on here who can help a brotha out on what a decent 36k btu mini split would be? going to put a/c in my garage as the shop build has been put on hold for the time being (costs are nuts). I had it fully insulated including the doors and this one is big enough i dont have to open the doors...
  13. Chevy1925

    Lets continue the party, Happy late birthday Mike!

    Just because im sure you wanted yesterday to pass as quick as possible and the fact i spaced making this post, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY my friend! I hope you and the mrs had a good day yesterday. maybe even got some good t-time in 😁
  14. Chevy1925

    Allison 10 speed Ratiotek valve body kit

    Figured id make a little more detailed post and thread on the worked that happened on Friday. Headed out to Mikes/Evans shop on Thursday night to install the Ratiotek valve body kit Mike and Steve came up with over the last few months. If this trans is going to have any chance at holding any...
  15. Chevy1925

    bring me to speed on the newer 1500's

    So my wife's 08 canyon just turned 100k and with where our new house is located, shes going to start racking up miles. The canyon had been a GREAT rig. only needed maintenance items, a thermostat and thats it. That said, i know these things dont like the balancer chains, timing chains and...
  16. Chevy1925

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and your families!
  17. Chevy1925

    Thank You Veterans

    Just wanted to thank all our veterans out there and on here. Your service was and still is appreciated to keep our freedom. things are in a blunder out there but many of us still care about you and this country.
  18. Chevy1925

    Official 1/8 mile 6.699 or quicker List

    1 HollyRock Dragster 3.963 187.500 11/7/2022 2200 lbs LBZ, Turbo 400 S&S Motorsports 2 NGM Diesel Dragster 4.166 174.160 6/23/2018 2500 lbs Turbo 400 NGM Diesel 3 Brett Deutsch 4.681 152.120 10/30/2021 3800 lbs LBZ, Turbo 400 - (full door truck) Mark Broviak 4 Paul Vasko’s rail 4.699...
  19. Chevy1925

    Official 1/4 mile 10.999 or quicker List

    1 NGM Diesel Dragster 6.532 6/23/2018 200.770 6/10/2017 2500 lbs Turbo 400 NGM Diesel 2 HollyRock Dragster 6.572 154.970 11/7/2022 2200 lbs LBZ, Turbo 400 S&S Motorsports 3 Banks Dragster 7.170 181.080 4/30/2009 2290 lbs Liberty XT5 Molinari Clutch - BANKS 4 BDeutch731 C-10 7.289...
  20. Chevy1925


    Quite the antics at our house tonight. Jimmys first pumpkin carving and he was NOT a fan of the guts [emoji1787][emoji1787]. Brooklyn had no issue digging in. She wanted me to draw out and cut her pumpkin so I did as she directed lol. Erin just went ahead and cut Jimmys out as something he’d...