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  1. RobsDmax

    LML Crank Nightmares

    Hey guys, I have been daily driving a 11 LML that I bought from original owner with over 600,000 miles on it, I am at 705,000 miles now. At 675 or so it needed head gaskets, so I did ARP studs, grade Cs, hsp piping kit couple other small upgrades and CP3 swapped (had original CP4 in it 😅)...
  2. RobsDmax

    LMM: Interior Swap

    Figured some on here could help shed some light on possible issues doing this swap. I have a 08 LMM crew cab, light grey SLE interior, buckets (power) and console. I have purchased a 08 Denali half ton crew cab interior complete (truck was hit hard in front end). I have the complete cab minus...
  3. RobsDmax

    HSP Runner Intake Question

    I have a set of the HSP Forward facing runner intakes, I am wondering what has been done as far as coolant crossover when running these. If anyone has any photos etc would be great. Thanks!
  4. RobsDmax

    Looking For Opinions On Just How ****ed I Got

    Bought a used short block from a guy up here in Canada. Heads from another fella in up here as well but a different guy. Please see attached. One is the piston from one cylinder. 2 more have marks on the inner bowl. Other pictures are the injector bore on the So Cal stage 1s that were supposed...
  5. RobsDmax

    Largest Injector On Single 12MM Pump

    Just wondering how large of a injector I can flow with a single 12MM pump. Have 250's from S&S and have a spare stock LBZ pump or a 10MM also, just wondering how much fuel I need pump side. Thanks.
  6. RobsDmax

    LB7: LLY Short Block Into 2001 Wiring

    Bought a built short block (LLY Reluctor) putting it into my 2001 wired truck. Wondering what sensors I need to change if any. Fuel system will be LB7 still. Going into a pulling truck so not worried about any functions besides motor! Also wondering if anyone has a good link to a writeup on...
  7. RobsDmax

    LB7: Belt Tensioner Pulley/Arm

    Changing out the tensioner pulley on my 03 LB7. Bought a new one from my buddy at GM. The new one has a bigger bolt, and is plastic. The one on it which I am assuming is original, is steel and has a smaller center bolt. Anyone know if they swapped the part? Guessing I am in for a tensioner...
  8. RobsDmax

    LMM: Front End Howling

    I am at wits end with my LMM. I have done all fluids, levels are perfect. Did both new shocks, new hubs on both sides under 1000 miles ago. I have a howling around 50/60 MPH. I tried to check the CVs, no play noted, have also checked both driveshafts and they seem tight. Is the best way to...
  9. RobsDmax

    Allison 5sp: Smoking Stock 5 Speeds Too Quick?

    In my pull truck. Likely 600 HP on a good day. 3rd gear starts 4 low, I burnt out the stock one last season after likely 70 hooks. That was no problem I figured hey it lasted this long I am good to swap another stock one in. Bought a used one, swapped it in and ran about 8-10 hooks on it and...
  10. RobsDmax

    Allison 5sp: Sled Pull Trans Build

    Heres the story, running a stock 5 speed behind my pull truck, runs about 6-650 HP, uses only 3rd gear when pulling and locks converter. I have managed to blow/break 2 stock sets of 1-3rd gears in the trans. Not sure if I melted the packs or if they are just weak. I have to run a blanket...
  11. RobsDmax

    LBZ: Driveline/Trans Bind Up 2-1 Downshift

    Have a 2007 LBZ that has been giving me some shifiting issues. Shifts perfectly fine up through all gears, and SOMETIMES will shift perfectly down at a stop. I realized it is the 2-1 downshift, because if I shift it manually it does not slam into 1st at the light when stopped. I have been...
  12. RobsDmax

    LB7: New Wheels and Tires On My Regular Cab!

    American Force 20x9 Rebel, and LT295/55/20 Toyo AT2 Extreme. Love it.
  13. RobsDmax

    LB7: 3.0 Smooth Bore

    Voted in this weekend for our "Pro Street Diesel" class which was 2.8 bushed down, to include 3.0 smooth bore. How many guys are running a charger of this size and who builds good ones. I know Mark at Danville will I am sure. I run a Danville 2.5" now, can this be modified to 3.0? I have no...
  14. RobsDmax

    LB7: No Crank/Lights/Power

    Put brand new batteries in this summer, I drive the truck sparingly, however went to start it this morning and it was dead flat. I leave trickle chargers on it the whole time because I know I dont drive it much. I am going to try boosting it tonight, but is there any other thoughts? I was...
  15. RobsDmax

    5 Speed Issues

    Well I think I finally broke the stock trans in my pull truck! I had a hard time shifting out of 4 low. But then I started driving home and it hit 215 degrees so I pulled off, undid the trans blanket, and it drove home at about 185-190 degrees. Neutral seems to have some drive left in it, and...
  16. RobsDmax

    LLY: Reposting Brothers Truck Having Issues

    Reposting for my brother, any help is appreciated. Hey Guys, Having weird issues with my LLY and after trying an injector, feel I need to come back and ask for some help. Did my Head Gaskets earlier this year. No trouble and did studs, grade c gaskets, and otherwise just checked it all...
  17. RobsDmax

    Gas Pulling Tires

    Have recently bought myself a 2000 GM 2500 gas to pull in my local gas class up here. I am wondering what everyone is using for tires nowadays on gas trucks. I am use to diesel and do not know if I should use the same tire just smaller? Or something way different. I run Duratracs and they have...
  18. RobsDmax

    LLY: Head Gasket Job Some Questions

    Just wrapped up my brothers LLY HG job. Arp studs heads checked and he has also loosened the nut on the oil pump so we fixed it at the same time. He ran the truck for maybe 2 minutes after he lost oil pressure as we were planning to do the HG that weekend. We got it all back together and...
  19. RobsDmax

    LLY to LMM

    Have a LLY that needs head gaskets. Have a line on a LMM longblock. How easy/difficult will the swap be? Im not worried about it from a power standpoint more along the lines of ease and how quickly it could be done or how much I will have to change. Thanks
  20. RobsDmax

    LMM: P0087 LMM After Delete Tuning

    Can someone check this tune and see if I did anything to make the truck throw low rail in the tune? Thanks.