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    Wetzel wheel sound?

    Also looking to buy a wetzel or batmowheel if anyone is looking to sell
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    Wetzel wheel sound?

    I’m really looking for some performance while I’m in there. Just don’t want to loose turbo noise.
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    Wetzel wheel sound?

    Hello all, Can’t really find any good videos on YouTube and wanted to ask if anyone has installed a wetzel wheel on their lbz and can provide some insight on the turbo noise after install. I have read that porting can take away some of the turbo whistle and make it more throatier and the...
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    Porting/polishing tools?

    I’m in the middle of cleaning my lbz turbo and read several threads by yellow chevy after I started. Now I’m thinking I should port and polish as much as I can while it’s apart and through a billet wheel in. Can anyone share what tools they like best for porting and polishing a turbo? Thanks
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    Cab and chassis to short bed.

    Aloha all, I’ve seen quite a few threads across the forums about lb to sb conversions but none on c&c to sb. Just not sure if I’m gonna be able to run a short bed tank with the frame flair or if the flare is too far back and will prevent me from moving the rear springs forward far enough. I...