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  1. rmallen30

    Injectors testing (Ohio)

    Who tests injector , I’m In Ohio. I can obviously send them if need be. Thanks matt
  2. rmallen30

    Disabling injectors while cranking help

    I have searched and found where some were unplugging the bottom bale Connection and doing this. Mine will not crank with it unplugged, how are you guys disabling the injectors while cranking on lmm? I’m looking for a hung open injector (s). This truck has sat for a long time.
  3. rmallen30

    No interface cable ?

    I’m no EFI Live expert so looking for some help. Trying to scan an lmm the same Way I have always done using the v7.5 scan. I plug it in select lmm and , get an error that says no interface cable found. Any suggestions? Thank you Matt.
  4. rmallen30

    Diesel Cruze timing belt change ?

    Was checking to see if anyone here has access to service manuals for the 14-15 diesel Cruze on the 100k mile timing belt change ? I just purchase another my 6th diesel Cruze . I have my dealers license so I buy them and drive them for a while then sell them. This one is currently has 88k...
  5. rmallen30

    Nsbu question

    Picked up an 01 3500 the other day and was doing ball joints on it today and slid under it and saw this . Top plug for the nsbu what is the function of the wire that's broke ? Obviously someone has been in there. Can I buy just that plug ? There's not enough sticking out to get a good bite on to...
  6. rmallen30

    Lml lift pump switch power

    I just installed a airdog on my 2015 lml and I used fuse 43 (eng) for Keyed power but after I shut the truck off that fuse still has power and keeps the pump running for over a min, then shuts off . What fuse are you guys using ? I checked a few other fuses and they hold power for a bout a min...
  7. rmallen30

    2015 back to dealer 1600 miles

    So we finally pulled the trigger on a 2015 picked it up and did a pcv reroute and put edge cts gauges in and installed a pyro in normal location. Last tues left for nashville drove amazing !!! came back to bowling green for ts ran great come home great. She starts up truck to drive it to work...
  8. rmallen30

    6.4 powerstroke h&s mini maxx question

    I know not a duramax but I figured a lot of guys here mess with a all types. I have a 2010 f250 I'm putting this in as of now the truck is stock all I'm doing is Installing the box no tune at all yet as I am waiting on parts basically using it as gauges. My problem is it will not power up and...
  9. rmallen30

    Epr compound kit map sensor question

    I just stumbled on to a sweet deal on one of trents earlier kits still brand new in the boxes guy i got it from said it fit lbz/lmm well the maf sensor hole is for an lmm so has to be lmm only. My question is on the egr tube there is no hole for map sensor is this normal or what do i need to...
  10. rmallen30

    WTB Coolant tank

    Hey guys I am looking for a stock coolant tank for my 06 I think they are all the same 01-07 classic but not 100% sure thanks Matt
  11. rmallen30

    H&S 6.4 question

    We are installing a H&S mini on our 08 f550 dump truck, my question is before i install the download it asked if all the crap had been deleted. I have not got the egr plates in yet but have the dpf delete pipe on it already do i just say yes? Also does that shut the egr off or after its...
  12. rmallen30

    Powerstroke trans question

    I have a 2000 7.3 powerstroke 102k miles 2wd bone stock, I was wondering what kind of power the stock trans will hold i put a ts performance 6 pos on it and have been driving it on the 100hp setting it also has a 140 setting i do not beat on this truck at all and dont plan on keeping it either...
  13. rmallen30

    NSBU Question

    This is on our 02 dually i replaced the manifold pressure switch had a bunch of codes and did the internal external filters new fluid it shifts much better now. My question is i change the gear and on the dash it does not light up in drive etc and sometimes has a delay to light up. It was doing...
  14. rmallen30

    Manifold pressure switch question

    this is in our 02 dually the manifold switch is black, and has 6 button switches on it the new switch i orders is blue and 4 button. was told it replaces the 6 button style is this correct thanks matt.
  15. rmallen30

    80/90 gear oil ok ?

    i changed my rear diff and put 80/90 in it i guess it calls for 75/90 is it going to be ok or should i change it again we buy 80/90 in bulk so i just used it bc it was handy 2wd truck so just rear end no t case thanks matt
  16. rmallen30

    who's converter is blue ?

    like the tile says im picking up a truck w/ a supose to be built trans and he said it blue who's is it thanks matt
  17. rmallen30

    Lbz tune ?

    My lbz in my sig I removed my dual cp3 kit the other day I have a 5 pos tune from rob do I now need to do anything to my tunes bc of the removal of the dual cp3 kit or will I be ok to run the truck w the same tunes that I have and the truck just won't be able to hold rail on the big tunes thanks...
  18. rmallen30

    05 3500 no heat radio or dash lights?

    My dad called me last night and said his dash illumination radio heat heated seats etc would not work he said he pulled it out of the shop and the did light up for a second or two then went out? any ideas of what to look for thanks matt
  19. rmallen30

    Lbz stutter every once in a while?

    ok this is on my 06 2wd mods in my sig i dont drive the truck much just hit 38k miles ever since i did injectors and duel ppe cp3 i get a stutter out of the truck ever once in a while just comes and goes i just drive the truck on #1 tune whats the signs or best way to check the ppe controller...
  20. rmallen30

    Belt part #

    what is the part # the belt for the ppe twin cp3's for a lbz mine is grooved and need a back up for when it lets go thanks