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  1. elliottw

    Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks - Inspection and How to Rebuild Them

    This is sick! I have a set sitting on the shelf collecting dust that a couple of them blew out on me and I'm a hoarder so I never threw them out.
  2. elliottw

    Getting LML back on the road

    Hey guys, I'm helping a friend get an LML he bought at auction back on the road and it's missing the lower radiator outlet hose clip, the big circlip looking one. I can't seem to locate one online. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or can I use one from an older pre LML duramax?
  3. elliottw

    Question: WiFi Extender for Shop

    I would also bury a CAT6, if that isnt an option, I use propellers sometimes at work in a point to point configuration (router in house to propeller out to propeller on shop which is connected to a switch)
  4. elliottw

    Alternative vehicles to own other than a Silverado

    My geo metro is probably my favorite vehicle that I own..... if it just had like 10-15 more hp :rofl:
  5. elliottw

    New ride

    Great buy! My favorite color besides white
  6. elliottw

    New Silverado Picture

    Wheel wells was the first thing I noticed as well.. good move
  7. elliottw

    Coolant/PS fluid/brake fluid flush

    59$ an hour is cheap labor too, if your time is worth more than that to you I'd pay to have it done.
  8. elliottw

    LBZ: C0055

    Found the culprit. Mice chewed up the wires underneath the fuse box. Miracle I didn't have more noticeable problems I counted about 5 wires that had been damaged. Soldered and replaced sections and the speed sensor is reading great. Thanks for the help.
  9. elliottw

    LBZ: C0055

    I've searched behind the front wheel well twice, couldn't locate any chafing or anything. I'll check closer to the tcase on the frame tonight. It seems to be a wiring issue for sure, once in a while when I hit a larger bump the lights will go off for a split second then come back on.
  10. elliottw

    LBZ: C0055

    Hey guys pulled a rear wheel speed sensor code, C0055 on my 07. While driving there is no reading from the sensor, can anyone point me in the direction of some schematics? Pulled the sensor, looked fine no damage or metal on it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. elliottw

    Where to buy Tech 2?

    Where are you guys getting your trusty cheaper tech 2s from? I see a lot of them on google searches for 2-300 dollars but that seems cheap even for the Chinese knock offs? Or have they gotten cheaper in recent years?
  12. elliottw

    Who Drew What?

    Great back forks on that muley cape! I have my state bow tag for whitetail/mule deer, rifle tag for any sex deer, and next monday I'll be standing in line at the tribal office at about 4am to try and scoop a non member deer tag as well!
  13. elliottw

    22s on a leveled lbz

    My old BMFs were that size, did the elf mod and trimmed the bumper. Back on 17s now.
  14. elliottw

    Odd electrical issues.

    My LBZ which is my favorite dmax to date and has been almost perfect just rolled 100k and within 200 miles the service brake light/abs came on along with my fuel level acting really weird:rofl:. At ignition on the brake lights come on and stay on and the fuel gauge always says level low at start...
  15. elliottw

    Lb7 is winning the battle

    I know you're extremely well versed in dmaxs but have you tried batteries? In my tech days I also had failed fuse boxes do some inexplicable shit... years of mouse piss etc just ate them from the inside out. Just throwing some stuff out there... hate electrical gremlins.
  16. elliottw

    Memorial day.

  17. elliottw

    LBZ: Steering wheel play

    That's totally what it was. That bushing must be worn though.. I removed them and loctited and reinstalled and if I put the tilt wheel in certain spots the slop comes back. But in my favorite spot its gone. Thanks for the post! :thumb::thumb:
  18. elliottw

    LBZ: Steering wheel play

    I have a slight amount of free play in my steering wheel on my lbz (i'm ready to get it traced down and eliminated) replaced the upper intermediate shaft for the clunk, new tie rods, pitman/idler, steering gear etc. Basically the only thing factory in the steering system would be the lower...
  19. elliottw

    LML lift pump

    The way the previous comment made it sound was that someone actually showed up to inspect, (me assuming).. Yes they always asked for warranty parts back, CP4s, AFM lifter failures, 3.6 timing chain issues, etc etc. Never had a CP4/fuel system get denied warranty though. (Never did a fuel system...
  20. elliottw

    LML lift pump

    Never had an agent come to the dealer I worked at for CP4 failures and I did more than I like to remember.