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  1. AZlml

    In need of custom bolt

    Anyone on here that works at a machine shop have the ability to make a custom bolt? I'm looking for (2) 3/4-24 x 2.75" grade 8 hex head bolt with no shoulder (has to be threaded up to the head). I cannot find such a thread pitch for a 3/4 bolt anywhere, but taps and dies are all over the...
  2. AZlml

    Clock not showing up

    I replaced both batteries a few days ago and the clock disappeared on me. I can go to the clock menu but when I try to change the time it does nothing. All other functions work on the display. I tried disconnecting both batteries, still nothing. Any ideas? (Clock is in top right corner)
  3. AZlml

    AWD Dyno

    Looking for an AWD Dyno for a co-worker in the Arizona/Southwest area. Anyone know of one? Thanks.
  4. AZlml

    Broken exhaust bolt 6.0 LS

    I had a broken exhaust manifold bolt which I guess is a common issue, so I welded a nut on the end and snapped the bolt at the head. I then drilled it for an easy out and then snapped off the easy out.. After using a Dremel to grind down the easy out I now have a fairly large diameter hole in...
  5. AZlml

    The Exorcist ZL1 Camaro
  6. AZlml

    Welding fumes-phosgene gas

    Stumbled across this article on the 67-72 forum and thought it was worth sharing. I'll admit I am very naive when it comes to welding fumes but this was eye opening. Worth the read if you do any welding, might save a life...
  7. AZlml

    Bolt identification

    Anyone know what grade or seen this type of bolt? We inherited a ton of these style bolts but they feel too light compared to a grade 5 or 8.
  8. AZlml

    Trailer winch capacity

    Looking for recommendations on an electric trailer winch to mount directly to the trailer. It's an 18ft dove tail so the ramp angle isn't too steep. Need something with enough capacity to pull a dmax up, but don't want to go overkill and break the bank either. Since it's rolling weight would a...
  9. AZlml

    P0880 and U0101

    After checking grounds, continuity at pin 9 and 69, and following the harness for any wiring issues I don't know where to go next. What should I be checking or seeing for input or signal voltage to the TCM? Google search shows pins 75 and 54 are 5volt and 77 is input, is that correct? Any help...
  10. AZlml

    67 c10 LS swap build

    I bought a 67 Chevy c10 short bed fleet side in April 2017 with the intent of swapping a ls into it and having another daily driver. Found a straight truck with most rust and body work already completed which was a huge win because rust/body repair sucks. Drove it 40 miles home on 3 different...
  11. AZlml

    C10 frame damage

    Looking for advice on what to do.. 67 C10 pickup with some front frame damage. Someone poorly welded in a patch plate and called it good. Frame seems to be fairly straight from eyeballing it but I have no idea for sure or how to measure to be sure. I think I can cut out that hackjob and weld in...
  12. AZlml

    4l80 4wd to 2wd

    I read that you need to swap the output shaft and housing in order to run a 4wd 4l80 as a 2wd. Can anyone confirm this? Would I be better off trying to trade the 4wd for a 2wd trans instead of having it torn down and swapped? Is there anything else I should know before I try to do this? I'm...
  13. AZlml

    Air compressor regulator

    Looking for recommendations on a regulator/dryer combo for an air compressor. It's a 5hp 80gal Ingersoll Rand for home use. It looks like decent ones are $100-150, I don't need top of the line but don't want a POS either. Thanks
  14. AZlml

    Harvey damage

    Prop damage on the roof of a van that was under water. Other than the water damage try explaining that to your insurance..
  15. AZlml

    What a steal!
  16. AZlml

    2 Honda's for 1

    Pulled up to a 3 lane light and had 2 Honda Civics winding up their lawnmowers, one without a hood so you know he means business.. didn't build boost at the line so they wouldn't know I was going to interrupt their race. I left about 2 seconds after them and it was over not too long after that...
  17. AZlml

    Poor customer service

    I'm extremely irritated with the awful customer service I received from your company. I was referred to you by someone on this forum, but I would never do business with you or refer anyone after the lack of service I received. After multiple phone calls over the last 2 weeks and returning a part...
  18. AZlml

    Window tinting in Phoenix area

    Anyone have any suggestions on a window tinting place in the Phoenix, AZ area? Looking for a quality job more so than price.
  19. AZlml

    Mirrors dim automatically

    Is there a way to turn off the rear view and side mirrors dimming automatically? You can turn them off with the button on the rear view mirror but can you default it to start off and the button would turn it on? 2011 LTZ