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    Time for injectors stock or 30 overs?

    Noticed injector 4 nearing +6% on hot idle in gear . No noticeable negative performance or excess haze. Mods currently are stock engine with the basic bolt ons Intake/turbo back exhaust Manifolds Fass 165 /sumped and shimmed rail Danville 3794 stg 2 Stock injectors Stock engine 125k Mike l...
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    brake upgrade gmt-800 lbz

    Does anyone know of any larger rotors for the 01-10 8 lug trucks ? im looking for 16" or as close as possible. I know wilwood has a kit with rotors that size but would prefer a more budget friendly 1 piece. Reason being is i have a set of the newer gm 1/2 ton brembo calipers ( kits sold from...
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    10 speed variance

    trying to educate myself a bit on the new 10 speeds. Ford and gm worked together to design the newish allison 10l1000 . The 10 speed found in the LD gm lineup including the cars/trucks as the 10l90 . Ford has the 10 speed in the 2020 1.5 and 2 ton trucks but gm still pushing the allison 6 speed...
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    Handheld or custom tune for 19 5500 l5D

    Looking for something that will be able to adjust max speed and tire size for a 19 navistar chevy 5500 with an l5d engine. Anyone seen anything similar to the banks derringer ? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Allison 5sp: 01-10 steering box redhead ,PSC ,OEM

    i posted this with taptalk but not sure how it got in the allison section I know there are others that have hated the power steering works in the 01-10 hd trucks. Ive been in search of the best combo that can compare to a all stock newer truck. Ive tried all the big names and after today ...
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    Coil over converted lbz with cognito uca

    I finally got around to ditching the torsion bars and fabbing a coil over setup for the front end. I used some fox 2.5×8" coil over shocks with the extended lower mount and will be using some 18" 800# springs from eibach. I currently have 16" 700# springs and its not enough to get the front...
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    EDGE CTS 2 eas egt sensor or problem

    setup is a stock lbz engine , 3794va stage 2, built trans from mike L, 3" dp and 5 catless dp back, fass 150 , cat 2 micron in stock location,shimmed rail , Edge cts 2 ( the new one ) with eas system using the boost gauge add on and the egt ad on . i came from a first gen cts with non expandable...
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    Fass titanium 150 with nicktane

    Going to be doing a fass 150 on a stockist lbz (Danville stage 2r in the works) so this is a prerequisite. I'd like to have a solid fuel delivery setup that provides a clean adequate fuel supply. Wondering which filters I should run?. Looking at running the stock fass filters for the first 10k...
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    LBZ: My LBZ LT3 and CTS-V

    Finsihed a small detail session with the duramax last week. i was waiting to get all the new paint ready for a bit of protection . Truck got a full clay bar and Americana treatment and the V got a quick buttery wax The duramax exterior is about done Current mods Denali projectors...
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    Paint shop in the inland empire or near

    looking to paint a few things to match on my greystone metallic lbz Tow mirrors tail gate cap rear bumper escalade handles tail hate handle bezel smoke tail lights. any good shops that will do good work anyone cares to recommend?
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    New LBZ owner

    not new to the forum but i did get a new diesel truck has 72k on it ans everything i wanted including my sun roof and charcoal leather. So far ive tinted the fronts installed edge cts insight (have egt but havent installed) 5k hid i had laying around parts i have...
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    LBZ: Looking at an lbz . a few questions

    I went to look at a used 07 gmc lt3 lbz (greystone with charcoal interior) ccsb today at carmax . It has every option i am wanting but price seems somewhat high which isnt the point of this thread but seems to be the trend for so cal lbz trucks under 100k are listed near 35k. I didnt get much...
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    My Twin Turbo 427 Silverado SS

    some of you guys may be keeping up on diesel place but here is my project i plan to use my dmax to haul around 2004 Silverado SS 427 LSX Twin Turbo 4l80e AWD Motor components lsx gmpp block (head bolts will be 1/2 inch with the 6 bolt heads) trickflow 235 cc 6 bolt heads with...
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    my duramax exterior done (round 2 )

    here is the newest on the dmax aka round 2 finished . now its ready for the summer/river . appearance is done and may add airbags and a new titan fuel tank (55 or 62 gallon) but other than that its done added a few little touches here and there the back up cam is...
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    Just finished my 8" lift (08 lmm 3500 ltz)

    long weekend of fun and minor fabbing netted me this :D :happy2: next week im doing the amp running boards, t -rex mexh full face grill, a single jl audio tw5 13 under the rear seat, back up camera and thats it because im broke . sure is fun driving above...
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    re intro , new but not new (went to the dark side)

    some of you guys remember me with some post i had a year or two ago about trying to make my ss hook up with suspension/drivetrain upgrades the truck went a best of 11.1 with a fubar converter . then i pushed a head and some coolant spilled lol. i then deceided to stop playing, built a...
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    my SS interior just got finished

    well im finally getting finished up with this truck i had the interior done almost 3 months ago but had to get the final details in ( door panels and such) for the details sinc reading is boring ill get it out of the way first. i went with all black leather , black ss silverado floor matts...
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    day at the track

    some of you know i went to the track today and had some good luck and some not so good. ill start with the bad they didnt start running until about 10:30 am when i was there at 8 am. track temp was about 95 . the da was near 4000 feet. also i have a problem with my torque converter...
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    new guy with an awd ss having traction issues

    i have a 1/2 ton ss awd truck , im putting down about 600-650 awhp to the ground , i have a pretty aggresiive stall , its rated at 3k but will flash to 4k running a centrifigal vortech blower on a built 6.0( now a 6.1, 6.0 bored .030 over) forged everything. 9.25 cr with about 16 psi...