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    LB7 stand alone harness questions

    Is the BCM needed to get a stand alone LB7 to start and run? I am making a harness just to get the engine to run on a stand but I wasn't sure if just turning off VATS in the ECM will be enough or will I need to wire in the BCM?
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    Ported heads and bigger valves

    What gains/benefits have people seen running ported heads and bigger valves? Either factory ported heads like socal stage 1 and stage 2, eldelbrock, Wagler, ect... The question is more based toward a big single turbo truck for mostly competition. Do they seem to help spool up? Has anyone done...
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    New 2019 5500 random ECM/TCM info

    Just got a new 2019 5500 and figured some people might think some of this is interesting. It does not use a GM T87 TCM. It is using an actual Allison TCM and I have to assume actual Allison programming. It's shifting strategy seems quite different than a pickup. It appears to lock the torque...
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    Motortrend's 2020 Duramax vs 2019 Cummins comparison

    Motortrend posts this (attached) in their comparison and the Ram still wins. They even say for someone towing heavy every day that the GMC is preferred. I mean it won EVERY single performance and braking test unloaded and loaded with a 20,000lb trailer! They allow the Ram to win off a theory...