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  1. slowlml

    Going back stock from DEF delete

    I've only put a handful of trucks back to stock. For easy numbers let's say 3 out of 5 had emission codes afterwards and had issues. Imo the biggest factor depends on how they were stored when removed. Which is a crap shoot when buying used stuff and brand new is just stupid expensive. What's...
  2. slowlml

    Worth re bearing bottom end or not?

    For your power goals I'd just stick it in and run it. Once it blows then rebuild it. If you were shooting for much higher I'd say rebuild it while it's already out the truck.
  3. slowlml

    My Country Boy Limo. 06 LBZ

    Making progress slowly russ. Need to call ya and catch up sometime hope the family is well.
  4. slowlml

    My Country Boy Limo. 06 LBZ

    She's going to be bad russ! Can't wait buddy glad it all worked out in your favor.
  5. slowlml

    1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    Gotcha thanks man. I'm going to try to get my beater on the list when I get the new truck. My last truck didnt qualify, wrong engine lol. Stock 246k mile lb7 bottom end, s476 single, planning for 200s and a 10mm over the stock pump. Eclb truck.
  6. slowlml

    1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    Blake can you refresh my memory, what's the air and fuel setup on your truck? And what cab and bed configuration?
  7. slowlml


    Somebody has been skipping the wheel wash
  8. slowlml

    Lb7 0183 invalid folder

    Brad got it Figured out. I had to open explorer without the autocal plugged in, then plug it in, then click format in the botton left corner to erase everything then it let me do the quick setup.
  9. slowlml

    Lb7 0183 invalid folder

    Trying to flash one of my lb7s. Keep getting this code when trying to do the quick setup. Using the newest efi V8.3.8 beta software. All firmware and boot block are updated. Included a picture of said code. Brad sankey has been helping me with it but neither of us have seen this issue before...
  10. slowlml

    My Country Boy Limo. 06 LBZ

    Glad to hear it's getting fixed buddy.
  11. slowlml

    Time to Rebuild

    Tom did I read that correct? Stock exhaust!?!? What is going on, someone hacked toms account, send help!
  12. slowlml

    Turbo options for L5P

    I saw that wehrli builds a transmission for the 17-19 are they not a decent option? I know a couple guys running his ttransmissions in older trucks and theyve done quite well
  13. slowlml

    Turbo options for L5P

    But tom those bookface guys have all the answers and hp magic potions 😂😂 Op, i would definitely wait for someone else to come out with a vgt other than the stealth. In my personal experience ive never put one on that hasnt failed or come off for a different charger down the either cause of...
  14. slowlml

    Broken intake cover

    Easiest thing would be to get the rubber plumbing plug from lowes and put a t bolt clamp on it.
  15. slowlml

    Broken intake cover

    Im sorry i just saw this. Do you still need one?
  16. slowlml

    Broken intake cover

    I have one off an 01, an 03, and an 04 lb7 and some newer. If you want one just pay shipping.
  17. slowlml

    05 LLY Sleeper Build

    Brad is this engine going in your reg cab?
  18. slowlml

    2007 "Build" of Regrets.

    Small dick energy events😂😂😂😂 Thats sig worthy right there. Sounds like its going to have above average dick energy when its done and be pretty nasty. Cant wait to see it run.
  19. slowlml

    Fass not pumping.

    Ive got into that a couple times with fass. Unless you know the original owner and they go through fass for you then youre sol.
  20. slowlml

    04 Lb7 won’t start

    Glad you got it fixed. Thanks for posting what the issue was.