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  1. RMJ_LB7

    2007 "Build" of Regrets.

    I love build threads! also, the 01-02 front end is my all time favorite.
  2. RMJ_LB7

    In need of new tires

    Personally only good set of tires I had from toyo were the 420's. Other than the first set of toyo MT's that my dad ran back in like 2008 those were great and lasted a long time. They look the best to but his 2nd set of them they only lasted about 13k miles. Last set was some Toyo AT2 and they...
  3. RMJ_LB7

    Newbie to sled pulling (tips,tricks,etc)

    Come on man thats not what I want to hear!
  4. RMJ_LB7

    lb7 turbo intake horn is it worth the money and time on a stock lb7

    where in California are you? EFILIVE is the way to go, I have tons of people comment about better fuel mileage, throttle response and power.
  5. RMJ_LB7

    Recommendations for injector install in SoCal?

    How deep into SoCal are you?
  6. RMJ_LB7

    lb7 turbo intake horn is it worth the money and time on a stock lb7

    The Intake horn is one of the best mods you can do to the LB7's. Lift pump you might notice a difference in throttle response but unless you have a weak CP3 you won't notice a difference in power for the most part. I would recommend getting a set of 1/4" wobble extensions, electrical tape and...
  7. RMJ_LB7

    Lock up box

    DHD is the way to go. Plus I love the mounting location.
  8. RMJ_LB7

    I'm going to have to retire.

    Mike, I will be praying for you and your family through these tough times. If there is anything I can do let me know! Evan, good luck on your journey and welcome to California!
  9. RMJ_LB7

    Lb7 tune help please!!

    Just want to let you know that your truck has nothing insane done to it and should be very simple for an experienced keyboard magician to dial in unless it has something mechanically wrong. I would get ahold of one of the known guys on here and see what they can do. I recommend the person in my...
  10. RMJ_LB7

    Boost valve question

    Ahhhh ok makes sense. Also look into Goerend kit and you can also give them a call super knowledgeable people.
  11. RMJ_LB7

    Longtime Duramax owner finally registered

    Two of the biggest upgrades I have seen people do for towing is the Dmax store transmission cooler and also the banks intercooler setup. I had a guy local to me that was pulling a huge boat up over the passes and after he installed the banks intercooler it ran so much cooler.
  12. RMJ_LB7

    Boost valve question

    I am kind of confused... You have rebuilt 3 Allison transmissions but don't understand how a boost valve works? In my opinion you can either send it to Mike L. and know that the transmission is built right and if you actually decide you want to hit that 1K HP mark your hard parts should still...
  13. RMJ_LB7

    Newbie to sled pulling (tips,tricks,etc)

    I 100% agree with you. I think I will be happy if I am able to get into the 11s on the track, be able to compete in stock pulling class and dirt drags if they have an event around. Somewhere in the 700HP mark would be a fun toy for me. I am honestly just really excited to go attend some events...
  14. RMJ_LB7

    Newbie to sled pulling (tips,tricks,etc)

    Everybody I talk to still wishes they were in it! which is the reason why I WILL NOT (say that now) jump up to the other classes. Really my goal is to have a truck that is fun in all categories but sled pulling is just on my bucket list lol.
  15. RMJ_LB7

    Newbie to sled pulling (tips,tricks,etc)

    Yes sir we have a freightliner sport chassis that I can use to haul to and from the events.
  16. RMJ_LB7

    Newbie to sled pulling (tips,tricks,etc)

    Thanks Mark! I will be getting in touch about the 3rd gear start tune. I am trying to stay in the work stock class since I don't have the funds like the big time guys and I totally agree with you about getting the power to the ground. I have been holding off on sled pulling since I have seen my...
  17. RMJ_LB7

    Newbie to sled pulling (tips,tricks,etc)

    Good morning everyone and merry Christmas eve eve! Next year I plan to make it to a few pulls with my truck, I don't have much done to it other than tunes, lift pump, pump rub fixed and dmaxstore XD tie rods. I will be taking out the leveling keys and going back to stock so I can lower the...
  18. RMJ_LB7

    L5P build

    this is going to be a cool thread! post pictures and details please :)
  19. RMJ_LB7

    Bent rods

    I believe the reason we ( local to me ) don't see any heavy hitter LMLs is because of smog reasons. If its anything more than a drop in turbo you have to swap everything back on when the time comes to smog again. Lot of guys around me have built LB7, LLY, LBZs and such. Brandon Serpa has a mean...
  20. RMJ_LB7

    LB7 Performance Engineering 68 drop in turbo

    Has anyone ran a Performance engineering drop in 68mm turbo for the LB7? The price is insanely good and curious since I have never heard of the company before.