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    Vehicle fuel/maintenance log software?

    Does anyone know of any good fuel/maintenance log software? I found 'Simply Auto', which seems pretty good, but what I'd really like to find is something that has an android and PC version, that can sync to each other, WITHOUT 'the cloud'. I don't want my data uploading to 'the cloud'. Ideally...
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    Non-Allison - Mike or Evan know anything about a 6T70?

    I know this isn't Allison related, but Mike Mike and Evan are the most trusted 'go-to' people for transmissions, so hopefully one of them knows something about the 6T70 transaxle (I THINK that's what's in the car, I haven't been able to definitively confirm it... it's almost certainly a...
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    Any home A/C experts here?

    Have an issue going on with the central air in my house. I've noticed that recently, ti'll cycle in the through the morning, then around mid day, it'll come on and not shut off until 3-4am or so. Checking the temperatures of the return and supply, there's a 15* or so degree difference, but I'm...
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    Bleeding a new master cylinder

    Has anyone used a tool like this to bleed a new master cylinder? Int he past, I've used this to purge one, and t was a bit of a pain... Is the syringe style better and more effective?
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    TPMS problem

    I just got new tires and replaced all of my TPMS sensors as one of them was starting to flake out, and I've got an issue with them. I ordered the AC Delco 'TPMS173K' from Rock Auto, which appear to have a pretty broad application chart. Fords, Hundais, Kias, Nissans, Chevys, etc. I set my...
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    Seemingly odd noise from 01 Allison

    I've had my step-father's 01 Sierra ECLB equipped with the 8.1 and Allison for a few weeks, and I just noticed an 'odd' sound, seemingly from the transmission today. I was sitting at a drive through, and I didn't really 'notice it' until I put the truck in neutral and it went away. The best way...
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    Mike, do you, or anyone else here happen to know anything about the 6T70? My wife has a '15 Malibu 2.0T with the 6T70 next to it. Ive been noticing that it seems to start shuddering when you get onto the throttle, usually in the lower gears it seems. Does this sound like a common issue, and is...
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    #@%[email protected]#$ Tree Rats!

    So for the FIFTH time in the last two weeks, I have had to remove a yardfull of leaves from the top of my engine bay that was put there by POS tree rats - the first time they chewed a bunch of wires so when I jumped in to go somewhere, it didn't want to start, and when it did, it sounded like it...
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    Weigh Station question

    I know there are some here that haul commercially and are likely familiar with weigh stations. My understanding of them is that they are meant for commercial drivers hauling for commerce or other commercial reasons, and that if you're running personal, you don't need to go through them. I made...
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    New 'vibration'

    Traveling out to NY last week pulling a small trailer, I noticed what seemed to be a new vibration, somewhere between 50 & 60 MPH. Coming home heavier, it was more noticeable, and I was able to narrow it down a little. It feels similar to when you're driving on rumble strips (But FAR less...
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    LBZ fuel return o-rings

    Does anyone have a new, never installed OEM GM return line that you could take some good OD and thickness measurements in metric and imperial values? The Napa replacement kit, like other aftermarket kits, sucks because unlike the oem fittings, the aftermarket fittings don't have the 'wings' over...
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    LBZ fuel filter supply hoses

    Does anyone have a part number for the formed hoses the run between the fuel filter head and the block at the test port on a LBZ?
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    Gates Powergrip

    Anyone ever heard of these or used them? They sound interesting, and from a name like Gates, I can't imagine they are total junk, but at the same time, I have some trouble trusting a 'shrink wrap' hose clamp over a metal one...
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    Front Diff Lift mod

    Has anyone heard of modding a front diff by cutting off the top mount for a lift kit? I got a diff this weekend to replace the one in my truck, and I didn't notice it until we were trying to shove it up into the truck, but there is no top mount. On looking, someone cut and ground the mount off...
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    Injector fuel leak

    So I just noticed a nice puddle under the passenger side of my truck that shouldn't be there (And thought I smelled fuel a night or two ago) and upon investigation, I found that #1 & #3 injectors are soaked, as is the passenger side of the block, and fuel is dripping from the 1, 3 & 5 glow plugs...
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    Brake pedal feel after replace & flush

    I just got done replacing all four rotors, calipers, pads and all rubber lines. The rears were probably below 50% pad surface actually contacting the rotor, the front left appeared as if the inner pad wasn't really contacting the rotor and the right was also suffering from reduced pad contact...
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    Front Differential interchange?

    The drivers side output shaft on my 04 has all kinds of play. It may be something that just a rebuild with new bearings and seals would fix, but if not, or if I found a front diff for the right price, what years will interchange? If I'm going to go the route of a salvage diff, then the newer...
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    Not Duramax, but can anyone ID this noise?

    My wife blew the turbo (broke the shaft) in her TDI Jetta two weeks ago this coming Saturday. I've spent the last week and a half getting it apart and back together (mostly about 1hr per day of work on it). Got it all together after replacing the turbo (Boy was that fun - especially the stupid...
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    Water & Cat/DPF

    I just had a flood of my shed - a plugged drain caused a major backup of water resulting in 5-6' of water in my storage shed :(. But I have a DPF and my original Cat in the shed. The DPF is/was standing upright, so once the water dropped, it drained out and should be in the process of drying...
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    Cadillac CTS4 Front diff question

    Is anyone familiar with the AWD system in a 2010 CTS4, and/or GMs policies as to what constitutes a failure?I've been noticing what feels kinda like a CV binding in low speed sharp turns, and starting further back, I can hear 'springy clicking' in turns under power - it's not real loud and easy...