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  1. monster50iii

    Does an Lml rear seat fit into an LMM?

    My dog destroyed my rear seat. I'm curious if a rear seat from a 2011 would bolt into my 2008??
  2. monster50iii

    Doing Head Gasket Job, doing a very mild build at same time; wanting insight

    So I have some leaky head gaskets and am going to pull the engine to do it. I have ties to an engine builder that will let me use his shop/equipment to do what I have planned. I want a more reliable engine, and dont plan on going past 675hp. Here's my plan: Mahle WS headgaskets Gasket kit Mahle...
  3. monster50iii

    Starting to really question the calibration with my DDP injectors - input wanted

    So after tuning on these injectors for nearly a year now I've found I had to ADD 25% rouhgly to my pulse table, across the board, in lower mm3 regions for it to drive correctly. I'm talking about just cruising down the freeway. Even at 120mpa, I had to add 25% etc to cruise around 30-35mm3. I...
  4. monster50iii

    Cant seem to control/alter pilot injection (LB7)

    So I have tuned a couple LB7 trucks now (01, and two 04's) that I logged and found the pilot injection (quantity and timing) to not be following what I put in as an input. Is this a common theme with efi live and the lb7?
  5. monster50iii

    10mm cp3; actual fuel psi doesnt follow desired. B1015??

    So I have full control of rail pressure, that is until I start to limit fueling with B0205 (MAF) and B0795 (mixture limit). The more I try and control smoke output in the lower mm3 areas, this weird occurrence happens and gets worse! I plugged in the values that my cp3 flow sheet had, so I'm...
  6. monster50iii

    Trying to wrap my head around boost decreasing as Rpms increase?

    At 2800rpms I'm around 38-40psi of boost. By 3800rpms boost drops to 32-33psi. I recently checked for boost leaks and had none. Is it just a situation where the engine uses that much more air volume with the increasing rpms, and the compressor just can't keep up? Fueling stays constant the...
  7. monster50iii

    Boost leak test unearthed exhaust valve leak?

    I went to do a boost leak test tonight. I was having difficulties getting the system up to 25psi without emptying my compressor. I went to my exhaust tip and you could hear the air very loudly entering it. I've read the the dmax engines have zero overlap. I'm thinking, do I have a bent valve(s)...
  8. monster50iii

    Considering switching from .91 hoising to 1.0?

    I hit the dyno recently, and hit 655hp and 1171tq on a conservative tune. I'm happy for the most part where I stopped. My issue is I drop 100hp roughly from 2850rpms to 3700rpms. My fueling stays constant which makes me believe my turbine is choking the engine. My charger is a 64.5/.91/73 sxe...
  9. monster50iii

    Trying to find o ring part numbers - coolant leak

    I'm trying to locate the correct oring for my coolant relocation fitting. The one behind the drivers side manifold. The guy at gm thought he found it, and said it was $32. I think he had the wrong one. Ive been searching now for 2 days and haven't found anything. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. monster50iii

    Maf/boost limit = downshift on LMM (cax fix?)

    I've found that the LMM has a table(s) which use maf and possibly boost to decide if it needs to downshift. While towing and coasting down a hill, once you reach the bottom and start to climb back up, the LMM tends to downshift for a short second and then upshift again. I raised my maf scaling...
  11. monster50iii

    Banks new cam video sheds light on his tuning a bit

    I was watching Gales new video, and he shed some light on his injection timing. He showed injection starting at 18deg btdc, and end of injection was 8deg atdc. That's roughly a 70% btdc tune, one many here would say is a sin to use. Maybe its not a true representation of his tune, but it has my...
  12. monster50iii

    How much pulse to be around 650hp?

    I ordered a 10mm pump today. With my stock cp3 I made 580hp at danville with stock sticks and his 3794. I have this same cp3 maxed out with the new 60% lbz tipped injectors from DDP. im holding 185-190mpa at 2100us right now. Just seeing what everyone's thoughts are to reach 650hp? Thats all I...
  13. monster50iii

    Tuned a guys LB7; he now claims 6+mpg loss??

    So I have tuned a few LB7's now, and all have gotten decent mpg (19-20 etc...). A guy came to me with an 02, that had an edge evolution installed on it. He flashed it back to "stock" with the edge, and then I read out his stock file and built off from it. It was a 02600605 OS. He claims he used...
  14. monster50iii

    LMM speaker upgrade; what to get??

    I'm ignorant as can be with speakers etc. I have an aftermarket pioneer nex 8000 head unit. My rear speakers are shot, so i want to just replace all 4 doors. What can I get thats not crazy expensive, and easy to install? I'm sure about anything sounds better than the factory speakers. I'm not a...
  15. monster50iii

    replacing harmonic balancer

    For all the guys that have done this, I have a few questions. First one is can a guy loosen this while the truck is on a lift/hoist? IF a guy can have the truck not shift on the lift while loosening/tightening, I figured much less work would be needed to remove things? If a guy could do this...
  16. monster50iii

    Oil cooler adapter o rings?

    I need new o rings (2) for my Earl adapter; p/n EAR-503ERL Anyone by chance know what I might be after?
  17. monster50iii

    60% over pulse tuning

    So this is my first adventure trying to tune anything other than stock injectors. Here's what I've done; raised idle pressure to 45mpa (tried 55mpa but got a lot of black haze at startup), I've increased pilot pulse from 10mpa to 60mpa by a true 25% (I found i needed a lot more fuel at lower...
  18. monster50iii

    Need opinions of my injectors (those with larger injector experience please look)

    I have 200k miles on my rig. Injectors have never been out, and my balance rates are great. Worst one is a -1.9. Most are under +-1.0. Truck seems to run good, but my mpg towing sucks. I can hardly get over 8.5-9mpg. Its been this way for a long time, but seems it may be getting a bit worse with...
  19. monster50iii

    s364.5sxe review

    Ive had Mark's 3794 for about 4years now. Its been a great little charger, but I wanted to try a fixed vane. I went with WCfab's kit (s364.5sxe x 73mm .91ar), and have only drove it about 75miles or so. The kit fits very nicely. I wish they would have sent some directions along to simply speed...
  20. monster50iii

    T51R mod

    Anyone have any experience with the T51R mod? Seems like it may make surging alot easier. Anyone know anything besides it adds alot more whistle/noise?