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  1. OleBlackyLBZ

    Buying a truck with P0741

    I am going to be purchasing a 07 classic lbz tomorrow at a very very good price with a transmission code P0741 and the converter wont lock, fresh fluid and filters and still same issue. The truck CLEAN, and is bone stock with 120,000 miles and no gooseneck hitch installed. Is there anything...
  2. OleBlackyLBZ

    Allison 10 speed Ratiotek valve body kit

    What makes you think the engine is stronger, are you meaning as far as durability? I thought the l5p was a beast compared to the previous generation duramaxes
  3. OleBlackyLBZ

    Allison 10 speed Ratiotek valve body kit

    How reliable are these new 10 speed Allisons at stock power, anyone know? Just curious..
  4. OleBlackyLBZ

    Finally got the truck running, help

    Guys, I'm sorry I didnt update this sooner. I was honestly so happy to have figured out the issue that I kinda forgot to let everyone know. So the first 3-4 oil changes were fairly close together like less than 1500 miles apart but getting lengthier as the engine got more miles on it. So I had...
  5. OleBlackyLBZ

    Trailer Brakes Too Weak

    So I had a Quest brake controller installed when I started hot shotting. Since day one, my trailer brakes have not been very strong even with the controller turned all the way up, everyone tells me you should be to easily stop the truck from idling forward with just the trailer brake controller...
  6. OleBlackyLBZ

    Triangle G-rated 16" trailer tires

    I had pretty much decided to pay the extra $200 for the hercules, but I have a load to haul Friday that will get loaded up tomorrow evening and it was gonna take 2-3 days to get the hercules in so I had no choice but to go with the synergy. $742 out the door. We shall see...
  7. OleBlackyLBZ

    Triangle G-rated 16" trailer tires

    Online prices reflect what blake mentioned about there only being a $20 difference in synergy vs hercules. But in my case with a $65/tire difference those 14ply synergys have to be far far better than the cheapo 10 plys I've been running that came on the trailer (don't remember the brand). So I...
  8. OleBlackyLBZ

    Triangle G-rated 16" trailer tires

    I considered going that route but I have 4 spare tires already mounted on rims that came with the trailer so I kinda wanted to use everything up before switching. Ive heard your not supposed to mix and match LT's with ST's. But for that matter you probably not supposed to mix 14 ply with 10 ply...
  9. OleBlackyLBZ

    Triangle G-rated 16" trailer tires

    So the synergys are $700 for four. I can't find but one shop that can get the Hercules and they have to order them, they are $950. I'd much rather have the Hercules but are they worth $250 more? My heaviest loads run about 13,000lbs
  10. OleBlackyLBZ

    Triangle G-rated 16" trailer tires

  11. OleBlackyLBZ

    Triangle G-rated 16" trailer tires

    I am about to put some synergy SP500 14 ply 235/80/16 on my 30' gooseneck. Anyone have any experience with them? My local tire shop is giving them to me for $173ea. This is my first time buying trailer tires..
  12. OleBlackyLBZ

    LBZ vs LML

    I have the delipped lb7 piston/lbz rod combo with 45% injectors and am between 650-700 for 20,000ish miles of beating on it. I also ran lbz rods on my old setup for around 30,000 miles making the same power until I broke a crank. Rods were fine, and I beat on that motor hard too. From my...
  13. OleBlackyLBZ

    Laggy 65mm Turbo

    I tow with a danville 65mm and have 33's as well, It's a nice all-around turbo but you have to tow differently with it than a stocker to get it to perform. If you lug it around at 16-1700 rpm's it won't make enough boost to pull well, high egt's, crappy fuel mileage etc. Basically putting a...
  14. OleBlackyLBZ

    Diesel fuel availability in KY, TN, NC and SC?

    I live in western kentucky near paducah, so maybe not exactly in your route, but I also hotshot within a 250 mile radius. I have had no issues at all to date. Diesel prices are $5.69ish here
  15. OleBlackyLBZ

    acceleration knock

    Lincoln diesel does good work, id bet almost anything those injectors are fine if they only have 20K on them. Mine have over 40K on them. If the problem goes away when you install the new ones more than likely it was just an install error the first time.
  16. OleBlackyLBZ

    Lb7 limits

    My lbz went like this: Bought bone stock with 116,000 miles. Tuned to 400 hp around 120,000 miles, drove it like I stole it for a couple years At 170,000ish miles had the trans built and ran it hard for a while at 475hp, wouldnt make 500+ like it shoulda due to weak injectors. Put the danville...
  17. OleBlackyLBZ

    3794 turbo braking

    Mark's 3794 65mm has made 980 iirc with a S483. Can't imagine needing more than that, and still be able to tow and brake without issue.
  18. OleBlackyLBZ

    3794 turbo braking

    I hotshot with a danville 65, the turbo braking is EXCELLENT, usually all I need is 2500-3,000 rpms to get slowed down loaded. From what I understand and remember off the top of my head the 66 stg 3 has a larger turbine and the high flow vanes, your not gonna like that for what your trying to...
  19. OleBlackyLBZ

    Worth re bearing bottom end or not?

    If you was doing all that you would want to upgrade the pistons to be safe at 600, I cracked one at 575. Besides, that engine could easily last another 100K miles or more if its been maintained. I would run it then re-build when somethin happens. A buddy of mine has an lbz making 650+ with over...
  20. OleBlackyLBZ

    Promaxx Heads - Thoughts?

    Way more than a set of stock used! I looked em up, looks like about $1,900