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    New Rig

    Yep, those are the boulder H2 wheels with the factory wheel caps over them. They have been great wheels, and they were only $100 each new about 8 years ago. Ended up selling the LBZ to a good friend, so it's staying in the family.
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    Sulastic shackles after 30k

    Mine lasted only about 15k miles on my LBZ before the center tore out of one, and the other was close behind. I went back to stockers and noticed no difference in ride quality.
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    New Rig

    LBZ is cherry, just can’t decide if I want to give up a clean truck that is pre dpf, scr…
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    New Rig

    Hello everyone. Just picked up a 2022 GMC Sierra CCSB 2500HD AT4 with the Duramax. Needed something new to drive for the company. Bone stock for now, but we all know how that goes. Now I have to make the tough decision about whether or not to sell my LBZ!
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    I'm going to have to retire.

    Sorry to hear about the health issues Mike. It was a pleasure to meet you a few months back when you and your team built my trans. Hope you both recover quickly so you can enjoy your retirement with your wife. Me and my buddy had a great time shooting the shit with you while you worked on the truck.
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    Overload leaf touching

    Check the preload on your caltracs, they may be setup wrong which is rotating the axle up in the front and causing the overload to touch.
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    Question: Axle Block on 5th Wheel. Good or Bad Idea?

    Spring over conversion Are your axles on the trailer over the leaf springs or under? Most trailers are spring under so a spring over conversion is easy and very common. It gains you the diameter of the axle plus the spring pad height in lift so typically around 5”. Very common here in cali for...
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    LB7: Kill switch to stop thieves

    Google Ravelco. It’s the only way to do if you want to be sure it’s not going anywhere without a tow truck or trailer. Just have to get in the habit of taking out the “key” every time you park it. Installed them on our fleet and haven’t lost one since. $500 or so installed, they come to you...
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    Sliding Back Glass

    I have a CR Laurence slider in mine and it has been trouble free.
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    Hood/fender gap

    Check the drivers side hood hinge, it is likely bent. I left a screwdriver under my 04 and closed the hood and had the same issue. Ended up taking it off and straightened it out.
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    Unsolvable vibration

    Sounds like death wobble. It does happen on IFS trucks, I have seen it several times at the body shop on damaged trucks and due to worn out steering parts. Get the front end in the air and check for play at 12 and 6 and also 3 to 9 position on each front tire. Check pitman and idler, tie rod...
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    LBZ: Weird issue with fan.

    That is the new part, it is a 5 wire plug at the resistor, and that has the old 2 wire plug on it, and pigtails to connect to your factory wiring.
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    Not Duramax, but can anyone ID this noise?

    I think you found the source, sounds just like videos on you tube of a dual mass flywheel failure. I hate those DSG's.
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    Dry Sump for the Duramax.

    I have a very high level of respect for you and did not intend to offend. I am however tired of this guy and the same photos he posted on Dieselplace 7-30-2011, over 4 years ago. It is the same crap every time. Nothing new. I came to this forum to get away from all the stupidity there and it...
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    Dry Sump for the Duramax.

    I wish this tool would just go away.
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    2004 GMC Sierra steering column harness question

    That is from an "alarm" that dealers like to install. You can see all the tapped wires above it. It is an anti theft device, starter interrupt. They just unplug them like that and tuck the wires under the dash. I made my dealer pull it all out on the last one I bought.
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    1972 K5 Blazer LBZ

    I want that thing so bad. Makes me miss my 69 C10 with a blown small block. Someday...