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  1. Michigan_LMM

    2020 Federal vs. California emissions

    I am in the market for a 2020 and when looking at different trucks' build sheets I noticed Federal emissions and California emissions. Does anyone know what one truck will have vs the other? I have searched and can not come up with anything
  2. Michigan_LMM

    2020 hd

    Looks like its now released and some of the speculations can be put to rest
  3. Michigan_LMM

    Transfer case issue

    I was driving down the highway when out of nowhere my truck free revved like it went into neutral, I had shifted from 4 wheel to 2 about 5 miles earlier but not sure if this is related or not. Today I had a tech 2 hooked up and the switch is changing voltage and when you command the transfer...
  4. Michigan_LMM

    Climate control in Celsius

    Had my batteries unhooked while working on my truck and once I connected them again my odometer is in Km and climate control is in Celsius. My DIC says the units are English so I'm not sure how to change it back. Searched google woth no results, any ideas?
  5. Michigan_LMM

    No start with rail plug

    Tried installing a PPE race plug on my LMM and would not start no matter what I tried. Started within 5 seconds of cranking once the factory frpv was reinstalled. I have since put an H&S plug in and it started no problem. Anyone else ran into this before?
  6. Michigan_LMM

    Dual CP3 problems

    I just installed a WC fab dual cp3 kit and keep blowing the inline fuse of the harness. Have checked all wires, connections and power/ground. Anyone got any ideas or experienced this before? Or should I look at getting a new harness?
  7. Michigan_LMM

    Dual Fueler Question

    Can anyone explain what the difference is between an LLY and LMM dual fueler kit? On sites that sell them I have seen they are sold by engine generations but am unsure of what the difference is and if it is worth getting. I believe it has an LBZ pump.
  8. Michigan_LMM

    New guy from Michigan

    Hello all, decided to make an account after years of creeping on the forum for information the last couple years. Little background about myself quick, My name is Colin, Im 23, work for GM in engineering for the next generation trucks and currently own an lb7 and newly purchased LMM with a...