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    Instrument cluster DEAD

    I am at my limit of testing. Instrument cluster is Dead. The DIC sometimes comes on, but its all of the LED's that come on. Gauge do not sweep. The glow plug light, check engine light, and other lights come on, but nothing in the "logic" of the dash works. I have had the stepper motors...
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    Fuel gauge issue

    I am getting low fuel light gauge on empty. Just had the cab off for a bent rod and now I have no fuel level and the temp gauge on the rear view mirror shows "OC". Anyone have any ideas? Checked fuses and all are good. I did have a couple of grounds not hooked up, but have found them and...
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    Line Seals

    I had to remove and reinstall the transmission lines. I now have a pair of leaks at the transmission line to transmission cooler leak. I think it's just the o-rings. I have searched, but did not find any information for the o-rings. The cooler is a Setrab (?) but it uses the standard GM...
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    Hydrolocked but runs

    Long story short, Cold air intake was under water long enough to pull water into the engine. Engine was at less than 1,000 rpm when hydrolock happened. Let engine sit, drained intercooler and other things. Engine starts, runs, but has bad white fuel smoke from exhaust. Not loosing water or...
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    Allison Slip Yolk

    I have searched the internet and this forum. From what I find, there is not a slip yolk for the 2wd allison. Just wondering if Mike has any ideas on converting one to a slip yolk or if it is even possible. Would like to ditch the 2 piece driveshaft in my 06 if possible as I think that is...
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    Injectors or just tips?

    So the LLY now has 150,000 miles one the original injectors. Idles normal at operating temperature, but at speed has a diesel knock. Have not checked balance rates as I do not have a way at this time. Could I replace the tips, or do the injectors need to be replaced?
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    Saudi driver

    Anyone see this video before? Pure insanity.
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    Center section rebuild or replace

    Think the 04.5 may have an issue with the limited slip. Is it better to put new clutches in it for about $300 or look into something like a Trac Rite for $800.
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    Mirror replacement

    Just wondering if there will be any issues with swapping the power folding small mirrors with the larger camper mirrors? Thinking about replacing the ones on the 06 for the camper mirrors. Did GM make a set of power folding mirrors like the fords have?
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    Torsion Bar Delete

    I read a thread a while back where someone mentioned converting the front to coil springs. Has anyone done this? I am in the process of buying an 06 LBZ that has front torsion bars. Would like to do front coil springs instead since it is 2WD if not an expensive conversion and possibly a...
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    Have 3 WU's that won't upload

    I have 3 WU's on my laptop that will not upload to server,, or Any of you ever seen this before? I have it running on a dual core machine from the command prompt. The latest WU is only taxing the cpu for 50% instead of the normal 90+%. Firewall...
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    Barometric pressure sensor

    Anyone know the location of the barometric pressure sensor and its part number? Truck has thrown a barometric pressure sensor voltage out of spec code several times now. Just wondering if it has a broken wire, pugged opening, or something.
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    EGR codes with bad glow plug module

    Got the dreaded Glow plug control module controller code (forgot the number). When the glow plug codes appeared, I noticed that I started getting EGR open performance and EGR closed performance codes. The 2 I remember are P0404 and P1404. Started thinking that either the finger stick or the...
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    Which is better

    Which is better, Purchase an allison out of a wreck, and ship it over to Mike for a build up, or drop the one in my truck and send it over and weight? Also thought about taking a week off and driving it from Texas out to Mike and having him do the rebuild. Unless Mike knows of a place in...