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  1. countrycorey

    ABS and Harsh Downshift

    Over the last 6 months or so, I have been getting an intermittent ABS light that I can't trace out. It would come on and clear on its own about once every other week. Fast forward to this week and I've had the following occur: 1. I get the ABS light every day, sometimes clearing immediately...
  2. countrycorey

    Time for Bearings, Brakes, and CV shafts

    So at 240,XXX miles, its time to replace a few parts. Just ordered Hubs, front rotors, and, front brake pads from rock auto to replace along with the CV shafts I got last year. The bearings were last replaced at 65k or 66k, so not disappointed with the life I got out of them. CV shaft on...
  3. countrycorey

    New Toy

    I just bought a 1994 full size Blazer 4×4, 350, and a 5 speed. No pictures yet, I'll add them when I go pick it up. The good: only has 164k on the clock, no leaks underneath The bad: needs a clutch, needs a tune up I need some suggestions for a good replacement clutch and flywheel? Sent...
  4. countrycorey

    LBZ: Gage install

    Does anyone have a wiring schematic for the Isspro performance gage setup? I am only looking to install boost and get and have some questions about the pressure sensor and connectors it has. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  5. countrycorey

    Power Steering leak

    I have been keeping an eye on a power steering hose leak for the last several weeks. It has now gotten the point where its spotting everywhere I park and have to add fluid once or twice a week. My question is how difficult of a job is this? Any tips: Take off wheel and fender liner? Remove hot...
  6. countrycorey

    Thinking out loud

    I've been thinking about getting a new to me truck and I really like the look of the 2011-2014 ram 2500 Longhorns. I love my LBZ as it has been hands down the most reliable truck I have ever had and it is my dream truck. I know all the maintenance was performed on it and that it hasn't been...
  7. countrycorey

    Looking for a good shop

    My dad is working in southeast Georgia (Baxley), within an hour or two. He is looking for a good shop to rebuild his transmission (04.5 sierra). Anyone on here that can recommend any good shop(s) in the area without having to drive a day? Thanks in advance guys Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A...
  8. countrycorey

    Need to say thank you to a few guys

    So I ran into an issue with my truck not shifting into Park when I got home Tuesday evening. I just wanted to say thank you to Scott (blk smoke lb7) and Evan @Limitless for helping trouble shoot and point me to the issue being under the dash and not the transmission! This is the reason I love...
  9. countrycorey

    LBZ: Replacing brake lines and brake flush

    Is there anything I need to be aware of when replacing brake lines and flushing the brakes with new brake fluid? Any special tools, tricks, good to know info, or tips? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  10. countrycorey

    LBZ: Blower Motor Resistor

    So in the middle of replacing my blower motor resistor and I find out I have the wrong part. I did my research and found what I thought was the correct part number and ordered it. So now I go to install it and I find out the bolt pattern is different. Can anyone give me the right part number...
  11. countrycorey

    LBZ: Question

    I had a guy tell me he wants to buy my truck. So I'm trying to figure out a number before I call him back and see how serious he is. So my question is how much should I ask for my truck? Mods are as follows: LML 20s 33x12.50 Toto rts (put on in march) MPI 4202 BMW/stock Hammerhead armor front...
  12. countrycorey

    Trying to figure out what's next

    So I've decided I want something to tinker with so I'll leave my duramax alone, basically looking for a "cheaper" toy. Here is what I have come up with: 1999-2000 OBS Tahoe Z71 LS swap and 4L80 OR 2004-2006 Tahoe Z71 LQ4 or LQ9 and 4L80 Any of you guys have any wisdom or advice for me? Sent...
  13. countrycorey

    Tire Size Suggestions

    I need to get new tires and I'm going to go with a set of LML 20s. I currently have 295/70/17s on H2s. I've seen guys running 35s on these wheels but I was thinking about 305/55/20s. What tire size would yall recommend for me? Truck Details LBZ Leveled Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using...
  14. countrycorey

    Fuel pump/sending unit question

    OK gentlemen, allow me to pick your brains once again. I am having a fuel system issue with the wife's 02 Yukon and I was wondering if y'all could help me figure this out? Symptoms: 1. When overfilled, gas runs out the top of the tank and down the sides pooling on the ground underneath the...
  15. countrycorey

    50k mile LBZ

    I ran across this on Craigslist today: I thought someone on here might be interested Corey
  16. countrycorey

    Engine Swap question

    My wife's 02 Yukon is getting a little tired and I'm starting to look for a replacement engine. Any suggestions as id like have a replacement ready to go when this one does go? Also, I ran across an LS2 & 4 speed auto out of a trailblazer ss. How would that work? Thanks in advance Corey
  17. countrycorey

    Doesn't get much better than this

    So I hadn't seen my son in 3 weeks (other than FaceTime/skype) due to me being at work and them not being able to go with me. I drove all night in order get home this morning to surprise and see my boy wake up and this was his reaction when he realized I was there
  18. countrycorey

    Turbo question

    I need some help identifying a turbo as it's not what I thought it was. The facts: 1. I purchased a used s475 MPI twin kit (not sure of age) 2. I know it is not a T6 96 1.32 3. I'm sure it is a T4 frame 4. 75mm compressor wheel 5. Spools incredibly quick for as low it is tuned Corey
  19. countrycorey

    Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

    I need to replace leaking valve cover gaskets on the wife's 02 Yukon (5.3). How involved is this and is something I can handle in the driveway in an afternoon or weekend?
  20. countrycorey

    Coolant tank issue

    I put a HSP fabbed coolant tank on my LBZ when I put my twin kit on and now I'm having an issue with coolant leaking out of the threads of the low coolant sensor. Anyone else seen or fixed this issue? Corey Edit: it's giving me a low coolant light but when I checked it, it's still full?