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  1. ikeG

    Converter change

    I got a guy that has had his needs change with his current LBZ. Its a S472/83/1.0 single truck with a stock cp3 and 40% nozzles. Built trans with a 1058. No towing needs until recently. He will occasionally need to move a piece of equipment short distances, gross trailer weight around 16k. The...
  2. ikeG

    4L60E diagnostic help

    How about an 09 Silverado 1500 2wd that sets P2764(TCC Pressure Control Solenoid Low Voltage) every time it gets up to temp. Runs like a top until it reaches around 170 deg, then trips the code and goes into fail safe mode. Using Mitchells diag instructions, it points to the TCM. But i am...
  3. ikeG

    ISO LLY fuel lines

    In need of the steel line that combines the cp3 feed and passenger injector returns. This is the one that has the large schrader valve to test supply fuel vacuum(or pressure). Has to be specifically LLY. Thanks.
  4. ikeG

    Advise on this

    What length of shock do I use in this scenario?? One of those poor man's lift kits has been removed. Problem is they cut the uca stop completely off the frame. So at full droop there is no shock long enough, and a long lift kit shock is dangerously close to bottoming out. Do I need to worry...
  5. ikeG

    ISO LML stock downpipe ASAP

    I need a v band style(older) LML downpipe. I need a stock one that someone can ship immediately. Let me know.
  6. ikeG

    Allison 10 speed tuning?

    Tuning available yet?? Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  7. ikeG

    2020 L5P Trans tuning?

    Any options available? Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  8. ikeG

    Body mount nut spun off

    Has anyone had to repair a welded nut that has spun loose? I have a couple ideas but looking to discuss with you guys. I cut the head off the bolt to lift the cab. Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  9. ikeG

    School me on CP3 conversions

    I've never had to deal with cp3 conversions A few have came thru that were already done, no issues I've been just purchasing the AC Delco pump kit and replacing the whole shebang OE Do all cp3 conversions require a retune? I've heard of possible priming issues when converted??
  10. ikeG

    Bent rods

    I got to thinking that I've really not seen LML bent rods in person or online even. Like the good old days of running dual pumps on your stock engine type of bent rods. It does seem like people generally do not push the lml as hard. Seems like most owners are content with just a tune and level...
  11. ikeG

    Pistons hard to find, anything else??

    I needed a set of motorsports cast piston, .020" over. Mahle says 4 weeks put, which is code for 8 to 12 lol. I called everyone, including some internet stores, trying to find some in stock. I ended up finding 5 sets, 2 at wagler, both machined to lower CR couple points. Socal had 3, all...
  12. ikeG

    2500 vs 3500 Rear springs

    Local horse guy wants to improve his 2018 2500 cc lb towing experience. He has roadmaster helper springs currently. I wander if 3500 srw rear springs are different. I notice both have 4 plys with the 3500 having 2 ply overloads with the contact stops on the frame. Is anyone familiar with a rear...
  13. ikeG

    ISO Cam - L96 6.0L

    Anyone have a stock cam out of a L96 truck engine? I just tore one up to find a bad lifter wiped a lobe off. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  14. ikeG

    LML engine knock

    Got a 2016 denali with only 13,000 miles on it here that knocks when cold. See vid. Just stock trans and fuel system tuning. While running, disabling injector 3 changes the pitch of the knock. It doesn't go away until engine is warm. I swapped in 4 new injectors...
  15. ikeG

    L5p p1089

    Anyone run into this on a l5p? Fuel rail pressure performance during deceleration. Data shows rail pressure bouncing 3 to 4k during 0% throttle deceleration. Desired at 10200 and actual will bounce 9 to 13k. Bone stock truck with 143,000 miles. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  16. ikeG

    Troubleshooting Tcm

    Can a 2015 Tcm be swapped between trucks without programming for troubleshooting purposes? Like swapping tcms between two functioning trucks Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  17. ikeG

    Allison 5sp: 2011+ Pitman Arm puller

    Does anyone have a pitman arm puller that works on the newer chassis? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  18. ikeG

    Allison 5sp: Shop naming

    I remember josh doing this years ago. But I'd appreciate some help coming up with an original, fitting shop name. I have thought of a couple but dont like them. I don't want to use my last name but if someone used their creativity and come up with an acronym that would be fine. It's a 4 bay...
  19. ikeG

    Allison 5sp: LML P2610. Internal engine off timer performance

    Anyone dealt with this before? Bone stock truck keeps setting this code. No other symptoms to indicate anything. No TSBs from what I see. P2610 OBD-II: ECM/PCM Internal Engine Off Timer Performance. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  20. ikeG

    Allison 5sp: LML piston difference

    Noticed that a new replacement acdelco piston is not bank specific whereas the original ones in this 2012 are. Ordered using the vin & everything. Anyone run into this? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk