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  1. TheBac

    Carfax-like app

    Over on the Corvette Forum, a member posted a free app that was similar to Carfax for vehicle history. I tried it on my vehicles, and other than it not giving mileages at services, it is pretty accurate. It is called "orto". I am unsure just how many vehicle searches you can do for free...
  2. TheBac

    Need some advice on car-buying/selling sites

    My Dad wants me to sell his Beetle convertible, as he can no longer drive. I figure it would be smart to wait until April when people start looking for verts, but in the mean time Ive been valuing his car on the different sites that buy cars. Carvana, Carmax, Vroom, Cargurus, Drivetime, etc...
  3. TheBac

    Hole in One Rain Delay The reaction is straight out of Happy Gilmore! Could you imagine being there for that?
  4. TheBac

    Super Bowl

    So, who ya got? Im so hoping to see Matthew Stafford on the podium after the game, SB trophy in one hand, MVP in the other. No real Detroit Lions fan should say different!
  5. TheBac

    Anyone want to build a crew cab drag truck?

    Heres a decent start: No, I dont know the seller. If it was a reg cab, Id be all over it.
  6. TheBac

    Hey, JoshH! Happy Birthday!

    Have a good one today ya old fart! 🎂
  7. TheBac

    Trilingual Cluster?

    Well, this is a new one.... Last week, completely out of the blue, the cluster DIC started rotating between English, French and Spanish. Mileage is still correct, all other gauges work correctly. Disconnected both batteries over night to see if that might help, no luck the next day. Anyone...
  8. TheBac

    2020 work truck fueling issue

    My brand new work truck has an issue when trying to fuel it. Can only input 1/2 gallon at a time, at very slow pump speed. Mechanics are stumped. Its a 6.0 LS with an Allison, so the drivetrain setup is very similar to a regular GM pickup. Fuel pump in the tank does work as it should. Tank...
  9. TheBac

    Happy 4th of July!

    Hope you're all having a good weekend, filled with family, friends, fireworks and fun!
  10. TheBac

    Happy Father's Day

    HFD to all you Dads out there! My son Kole took me out for a round of golf and lunch, my daughter called from the camp she's working at in Corpus Christi, and I got a wonderful card from my FDIL Brittany. :) Now I get to go out and replace the front hubs on Britt's Dakota, and get it ready to...
  11. TheBac

    How did you get into your career?

    The "What did you do at work?" thread got me thinking about this. How did you fall into your job/career? Family? Luck (good OR bad)? Forced to? Skillz? Me: July 1985. I was 21, failing in college (damn Calculus! I cannot do theoretical math!) and going nowhere as a shift mgr at...
  12. TheBac

    Time to Rebuild

    Considering the balljoints and bushings are 18 years old, the shocks and brakes are at least 10, the hydroboost is failing and the rear springs are rusted to the Caltrac mounts and such.....its time for a comprehensive chassis rebuild. Plan is to remove everything from each corner, paint the...
  13. TheBac

    Front bumper/grille recommendations?

    Need a new chrome oem-style bumper and grille for BBT. Do you guys have any recommendations of vendors to look into or stay away from quality-wise? I wouldnt mind buying GM OEM replacements if I can find the parts for a realtively decent price.
  14. TheBac

    Buick Regal 2.0T opinions?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be looking at a 2017 Buick Regal premium 2 with the 2.0T in it. Full boat, and comes with 1 yr gm b2b warranty. Has 31500 miles. Opinions good or bad? I understand the 2014/15 2.0s had piston and rod bearing issues. Did they resolve those in the later years?
  15. TheBac

    Happy Birthday Fearless Leader!

    Sorry to catch this late today, but Happy Birthday, James! Hope you had a good one!
  16. TheBac


    Finally getting out tomorrow for a round. 4-man best ball, 3 teams. Its only been a year since I last played. :unsure: This is going to be interesting.....:LOL:
  17. TheBac

    Im going to be a father again!!!!

    Father-IN-LAW, that is! :LOL: Our son Kole proposed to his gf Britt yesterday! We knew he was going to, it was just a matter of when. Sounds like they're still a couple years out from actual nuptials, b/c Britt wants to finish her Masters and get settled in her teaching job.......but...
  18. TheBac

    Recommendations for replacement front bumper/grille?

    With absolutely nothing better to do, Im looking at the rusted front bumper and wrinkled/chipped grille chrome on BBT and thinking they finally need to be replaced. Have any of you had any luck with replacement parts other than OEM? Im staying with the stock 2003 look, too. I found a few...
  19. TheBac

    Stock tune resources

    Found this in a thread while doing a search, thought it should be easier to find. If anyone else has a resource other than this tune library or this link, please post it.
  20. TheBac

    Happy Birthday Nick and Adam!

    Happy Birthday to you both! :thumb: Hope you both had excellent days!