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  1. Josh154

    New 5th wheel

    Hey guys, just got a 36’ toy hauler 5th wheel. I’m new to 5th wheels, and towing some bigger stuff like this. Hoping James can pop in and give me some insight. As some of you know my 2016 lml just went through some big changes. Current air & fuel setup are 66 stage 3 in valley with 480 feeding...
  2. Josh154

    Random no start

    Hey guys hoping some one can shed some light. Recently changed up a lot on the lml. Here’s current setup. 66/480, 200% exergys, exergy sportsman in valley, with wcfab dual fueler kit & used lbz pump on reel. Truck worked flawless & started right up for 2 weeks. One random morning it had...
  3. Josh154

    Going compounds on lml few questions

    Hey guys finally going to add some air to the lml. Grabbing a used sdp kit to pair with my sdp pipes I currently have. I’ve never ran compounds, ran modded vgt and s369 on lmm so have some questions. I know most stock motors making big power are on s400 singles with big sticks. Seems like I...
  4. Josh154

    Headed to the track

    Bringing the 16 out tonight! Gonna see what she will put down. Hoping for 12s. Did a test hit yesterday. 4wd launch, 2050uS tune cleans right up. Pretty hot tune for a stock turbo lml K-QHNAtR634
  5. Josh154

    Next mods?

    Wondering where to go next. Currently have my 2016 lml with 5” straight pipe, fass165, UDT tuned. Just serviced trans, changed both filter and put the deviant epc fooler in. Still running stock intake, stock downpipe and everything else. I have a few options in mind but don’t know what the...
  6. Josh154

    Back with a lml

    Sup guys some of you may remember me and my lmm I had. I unfortunately traded the lmm off in January for a 18 halfton with the 6.2. That lasted about 8 months and I finally had to get a duramax again. Bought this back in August before l5p’s were cracked yet. I knew I wanted a tuned and deleted...
  7. Josh154

    Black Friday/cyber Monday deals?

    Any vendors having any sales coming up?
  8. Josh154


    Anybody see this yet? I may have to swap mine out and try this next spring.
  9. Josh154

    Service 4wd

    Been having a intermittent service 4wd issue since last winter. Sometimes it will go into 4wd fine and other times it won’t. I just replaced the front diff actuator and encoder motor. Well I’m still having the issue so we read the codes with a solus last night and getting c0379 for the front...
  10. Josh154

    New setup is done

    Well i can finally say the new setup is done for now! After some headaches and faulty injectors i am back on stock sticks with the new 10mm pump and 369sxe. I love the new setup, the truck runs so much harder! Im sure marks tuning has a role in that too versus the old ppei tunes lol. Heres a few...
  11. Josh154

    Truck won’t crank

    So I just got done doing injectors cp3 and turbo. Go to fire truck up and it won’t crank, I have power at obd port, check engine light is on and getting u0100 and u0101. Re checked and plugged 2 main harness in and still nothing. Tried clearing codes and no luck. Any ideas?
  12. Josh154

    S369sxe or s467

    Well destroyed my turbo today lol. I have my mind made up I want to try a fixed vein setup. Can't decided if I want 369 or 467. Truck is stock motor and stock fuel for now. I'm sure it will get built and fuel at some point. What's going to be faster at the track or street racing? What are my...
  13. Josh154

    LMM: The life of Josh's 08lmm

    I'm sure some of you have seen me around. I figured I would put together a thread for my truck over here. Anyways, I bought the truck in Mariah of 2015. It is my first diesel. The truck is a loaded slt with every option available. It was love at first sight lol. I picked it up for 30k with...
  14. Josh154

    Got my 12!

    Ran 2 12s tonight! I'm excited! The 12.94 was my best 60' but my converter didn't lock till around 55 which killed my overall. I will upload some videos shortly.
  15. Josh154

    Just finished turbo swap

    I just finished up my turbo swap yesterday. Started dissassembly Friday night and had turbo and egr assembly out. Got everything re installed Saturday and loving it! It was my first time doing anything to this extent, I just kept telling myself it's just turning a wrench and I got it done...
  16. Josh154

    First time at the track

    Hey guys first post over here. I'm a member on duramaxforum but seems as if the drag racing scene is a little better over here. So friday night was the last street legals night at the track for the year. Im hoping to get a built trans this winter so i wanted to see what i could run with the...