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  1. Troysalm71

    WTB 2011 Silverado bumper with fog light

    I know it’s probably a long shot asking, but looking for a stock replacement bumper. Looking for someone that took theirs off. Would like it to be complete ready to bolt back on. Would prefer fog light cut out, as that’s what I had factory. Chrome or painted does not matter.
  2. Troysalm71

    Lowering an lml

    I’m looking to see what others have done with lowering their lmls, if you could point me in the direction to go. Truck is lifted on 35s, I would like to go to a 305/50/20. Current wheels are -19 20x10s. Back spacing I believe to be 4.5. If anyone is interested in trading stock parts near my...
  3. Troysalm71

    Lml pistons

    I’m looking to see if anyone has an idea where I can get an 11-16 piston set. I’m told 01-16 kit won’t work, unless we change rods. Jag’s Pro Truck Shop out of Zimmerman mn is building it. The much added cost I’m not looking to switch rods and re balance the engine to switch to those pistons, or...
  4. Troysalm71

    2011 duramax

    Just figured I'd post this up. Recently just picked it up has 149,000 on it. Picked up for a fair price at 25k, has 5 inch stainless kit and tuning from ppei. Was picked up more so, so my brother had a rig to pull his car to the track, as his half ton wasn't doing so hot doing it. Plans for the...
  5. Troysalm71

    Picked up another.

    My ol man decided it was time for a change I found this over the weekend and we picked it up. The price I didn't think was too darn bad we picked it up for 15,000. Nothing special done with it, heads have been gone through arp studs and lift. Has a edge programmer for now, will be kept prettt...
  6. Troysalm71

    6.5 turbo

    I figured I'd post this up to see what people think of it. Put these rims and tires on it he other day. They were on a friends duramax, they didn't look the best on there. Had quite a few comments that they look good on this truck.
  7. Troysalm71

    Lml turbo removal

    What steps have been taken to remove the factory lml turbo? Tools exc would be helpful. I've got a little start on it so far.
  8. Troysalm71


    So I'm pulling a deck over with the weather being at 20 below she's quite smoney An smells like oil a little bit. Am I being over dramatic it's hasn't used a lick of oil that I've seen. I also took a vid I'm hoping she's quite smokey as it's cold out. I don't drive this truck in the winter...
  9. Troysalm71

    Ls heads

    Not quite sure where to put this at. I see a few guys on here that have played with the ls motors on here. My ol man decided to drill out his manifold and went in the water jacket, on top of that the easy out broke in there. Sure is pretty bummed I'm looking at just purchasing new heads. What...
  10. Troysalm71

    New toy

    2017 850 xmr being added. Arctic cat wasn't cutting it 38 horse to 78 gonna be a good year a mud nationals.
  11. Troysalm71

    Zone lift 5 inch

    Putting a zone lift on an lml, truck in sig. was curious anyone else running it? The question I have as well would be most lifted trucks always have the rear tires in set more then fronts. I was curious would it be a btr option to get wheel sockets for the rear?
  12. Troysalm71

    Remote start

    Was just curious if anyone has came across their remote start not working on a 2011 lml. I really wanna say it happened after the tuning. My remote an my back up Akers both don't want to work. Constantly says park assist blocked. My first tune was an h&s which has been off the truck awhile. I'm...
  13. Troysalm71

    369 sxe

    I'm looking to do a single 369 sxe on an lml. Looking for any input some guys may have. Plans changed from 472 to that turbo power goals aren't necessarily huge. From what I see this turbo will go over and beyond what I'll ever want or need. Does it have good towing characteristics like the 366...
  14. Troysalm71

    First time at a dyno Williston nd

    Figured I'd share this went to my first dyno was a blast didn't have my truck left it home. Had to work all day so missed a lot of it but was very interesting being up close in person with a 1000 horse truck. It put down 1000/1800. 475 over 500 chargers with swapped 47. I know I know this isn't...
  15. Troysalm71

    2011 lml with 20x10

    I just recently put 20x10 fuel wheels on they have a -19 offset my truck has a bit of a rake to it yet. I had xd with 0 offset an 9 inch wide before this. They wouldn't run of it was cranked up but rode terrible as the control arms rode on the bump stop. After lowered they rubbed as well sorry...
  16. Troysalm71

    Lift pump filters

    I was just curious as to how often a guy should change filters in a fass. I do have a gauge running from fass as well an I haven't seen a drop in pressure. I would have to say I've got maybe 6000 on the filters.
  17. Troysalm71

    Fass 260

    I've got a fass 260 for the time being on my truck til I swap a 150 on. Curious I can only get this thing to dial down to say around 14-15 pounds. Is Thai okay any more an it will just want to slam the check ball an pop fuse. If this is okay the. Great. The cp4 was taking 30 pounds an never had...
  18. Troysalm71

    Pcv idea

    Just had a quick question I have 3 inch y bridge an inter cooler piping on the way. The question with it since the factory turbo inlet also gets taken off. That's where the pcv is wondering if anyone had an idea they did was thinking a catch can if anyone has done that. Thanks guys.
  19. Troysalm71

    Timing cover take off

    How to get timing cover off on 2011 duramax it's all tore down can not get this cover to come off is the oil seal needing to be pulled?
  20. Troysalm71

    Timing cover

    I'm checking to see if anyone has any tips tricks anything with pulling the front timing cover. My truck recently had a pump fail. The truck is cp3 converted but the gear just sheared 5 teeth off it an I'm just curious where to go with this check cam gear an pull the front oil pan an find the...