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    Stuff you find when you can't sleep.

    L5P The L5P duramax is the latest version of the Duramax V8 diesel engine. Introduced in the 2017 model year it is the most powerful diesel engine GM has produced with 445 hp @ 2,800 rpm and 910 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm. Design spec performance can excede 550 bhp @ 3050 rpm and 1050 lb-ft at 1975 rpm...
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    Single Phase or 3phase power Info please

    I am looking into putting an irrigation system for farm use that will likely require 40-60hp to run the pump for the well depending on how deep it needs to be. 3 phase power is recommended, but will be costly to get it to my place. I am just wondering what my options are and is it worth it to...
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    Jackson, Minnesota where do you go out to eat/shop?

    I have a friend that lives here, I am trying to get a gift certificate to a nice place to eat. All of the chain restaurants are in Minneapolis, which is a long drive. Just wondered if there were some nice steakhouse style restaurants close by. Thanks!
  4. duramaximizer

    Droid razer maxx on ATT?

    Had a droid razer maxx on verizon and loved te phone, got no service. Got ip4 went back to att. Hate this bad apple. How hard is it to get a good droid and make it work on att? I dont mind used but how can you tell your not buying junk? Don't want to pay new price though. Any advice, i miss my...
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    4 inch all Stainless band clamps

    I am rebuilding/building a 14.0 detroit in a freightliner columbia, and all of these intercooler hose clamps are stainless with regualar steel bolt. They rusted, and the new ones are identical. Anyone have a source for 100% stainless clamps. We are planning on keeping this truck for forever.
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    Mom needs new wheels.

    Ok well she has held off long enough driving an 02 Silouhette w/ 230k on it. She wants something that sets up high like her van and gets good fuel mileag. Her van regularly gets 25+ around town. She want something like an GMC Acadia. But all reports on those are coming back at 18-19 atbest...
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    LMM EFI Live 315's and ABS Light

    How do I get my ABS light to turn off. It's annoying. I tried dumbing down a little on speedo, but no luck. The older ones you could change the ABS module to the 19.5 wheels for the ABS module. Can that be done on the newer 2007.5 trucks?
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    I Broke an Axle Shaft.

    I'm sure this is not a new experience to any of you. It's broken clear in the middle where the splines go into the diff. I tried a magnet, how strong does it have to be? 5 pound? stonger. Or am I going to have to tear it clear apart? It was a clean break. l Oh ya, and a 3-2 downshift on a...
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    Need a new tuning laptop.

    I got 6 years out of the last one. I am looking for a laptop with a fast start up speed, reduced glare in open sunlight, long(er)ish battery life. My old one was 3 hours maybe looking for 5-7. HDMI output for watching pulling videos. I am pretty AMD processor Dell Gateway biased. They have been...
  10. duramaximizer

    Allison Stand-A-Lone

    What sensors does it take for the Allison TCM to run by itself. I am assuming it takes a TPS. What else does the TCM require?
  11. duramaximizer

    Fass Platinum for 94 12v dodge

    Anyone make me a deal on one of these? I am looking for a friend; "the cheapest airdog/fass system." You can PM me prices if you wish, or post links to whom I should buy from. Thanks.
  12. duramaximizer

    Stock Exhaust

    What should I do with a friend's stock CCSB LBZ exhaust? Keep it? Sell it? Recycle it? It has a CAT, are those worth anything? He is like who wants a stock exaust? Should he keep it for something later with emissions? He's unsure what to do, but the 5inch MBRP with the dual wall 6 inch...
  13. duramaximizer

    LMM Snowy air intake

    Anyone have a solution to the snow in the LMM air intake? Mine is not extremely bad, but still getting snow in the air filter. Is there actually a FIX for this?
  14. duramaximizer

    17 inch Wheels for pulling.

    What is a good 17 inch wheel to use for truck pulling? I am looking at using these for almost exclusive truck pulling? What is most important when picking a wheel for this? Width? Weight/strength? Looks/maintance? Backspacing? Cost? Resale? I guess I am not sure...
  15. duramaximizer

    What does it take to turn 35's?

    I am stock as stock with a tune and a lift pump. What does it take to turn these tires in 3rd gear with proper rpms for truck pulling. Am I out of my mind for thinking I can turn these?
  16. duramaximizer

    315 BFGoodrich AT's

    How tall do they actually measure, and does anyone know what one weighs? Thanks!
  17. duramaximizer

    Used Fass 150

    What's it worth if it's in working condition? It prolly needs new filters.
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    LBZ Max Pulse Width on stock injectors.

    What's the max pulse width with stock injectors. I have a friend with a bigger turbo but he still has stock injectors? It's currently at 3700. Not sure how much further I can go at 4500 rpm.
  19. duramaximizer

    Lmm ecm dtc p003a

    Anyone ever get one of these. I know it's turbocharger vain related. It happened last night driving normal "50 mph at night watching for deer". I was at a truck pull Sat night and everything seemed fine. Just wondering if anyone has had this experience. I think it's probably a vain actuator...
  20. duramaximizer

    PPE Hot +2 ET

    I have the newest PPE Hot +2 ET LMM version but not the most recent software. Anyway I loaned it to a friend. He tried to pull it this last weekend on level 8 and it defueled bad. Not sure what level to run on the tuner and if defuel should be shut off for pulling. It's an 05 CCLB LLY (stock...