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  1. OleBlackyLBZ

    New or Re-Build Steering Box

    My steering box is leaking. It has 287,000 miles on it, should I get a re-build kit for mine and replace all the seals? Or am I better off to just get a parts store replacement with a lifetime warranty. I have searched and searched and there dosent seem to be a good solution. Some even say...
  2. OleBlackyLBZ

    Is this Normal?

    So I have noticed this for a long time and just assumed it was normal, now I'm not so sure. But when I'm accelerating hard on my bigger tunes and I hit a little bump like say where road meets bridge or something like that, anything that's enough to bounce the truck a little, the truck stops...
  3. OleBlackyLBZ

    Best compound set-up for 900+ hp

    I am posting this for a friend, he has a 04 lb7 that needs an engine re-build so he is going all out on a built motor. It's already in progress with wagler having just finished the machine work. He has a 12mm cp3 and will be running 100-150% injectors. Right now we are looking at a drop in 64...
  4. OleBlackyLBZ

    Finally got the truck running, help

    Well my truck is finally running again, but it's knocking pretty loud on the passenger side, something is definitely not right. I sent videos to DHD and they said they think it's injectors, so we checked the balance rates and they looked good, now I'm just waiting to hear back from them again...
  5. OleBlackyLBZ

    Need New Starter

    I searched and could not find any starter upgrade recommendations, I seen the one Dmaxstore offers for around $225. Does anyone have any experience with an aftermarket one or should I just go back with oem? My truck is going back together this week and mine is shot.
  6. OleBlackyLBZ

    New Duramax Song!

    Source: Wanted to share a song that just came out, maybe kinda cheesy but I like it anyways! :cool:
  7. OleBlackyLBZ

    Tuned LML Defuels too hard

    My cousin has a 2016 LML with a sportsman cp3 conversion, Airdog, and Marks tunes. The truck runs great except it defuels so hard and long before each shift you will almost hit your head on the windshield. No codes, I bet it cuts fuel for a full 1.5 - 2 seconds between shifts, no exaggeration...
  8. OleBlackyLBZ

    2016 LML Code PO26C

    We have a 2016 LML with engine code PO26C ( Fuel injection quantity – Quantity lower than expected ) This truck has 49,000 miles on it and is cp3 swapped. I have searched and have not been able to find a thread where someone got this issue fixed. Any ideas?
  9. OleBlackyLBZ

    Exergy Fuel Treatment

    I have searched multiple times and found very little information on the Exergy fuel treatment. I recently bought some to try since I know Exergy is at the top of their game when it comes to fueling parts. Does anyone know anything about it or has anyone else tried it yet?
  10. OleBlackyLBZ

    Another Broken Crank

    Well I got 27,000 miles out of my longblock from XCalibur Diesel. I found out today the crank is broke.. 🙈 So that's $6,000 down the tubes plus the $2,000 to have the engines swapped out. Im pretty sick right now
  11. OleBlackyLBZ

    Ball Joints Won't Last

    I am getting tired of replacing upper ball joints, they are lasting me 5,000-10,000 miles. Do you guys have any ideas?
  12. OleBlackyLBZ

    Do I need a Fuel Sump?

    You guys think I would see any performance gains from a fuel sump or similar? I'm well over 600 with Danville 65, sportsman cp3, 45% Injectors and an Airdog 165...
  13. OleBlackyLBZ

    Dmaxstore Connecting Rods

    I have never been able find any information on the Dmaxstore Performance connecting rods rated to safely handle 550-700 hp. Are these just modified lml rods to work in all year models or are they actually an aftermarket rod. I called and asked about them before I had my motor built but all they...
  14. OleBlackyLBZ

    Which Intercooler?

    I'm considering upgrading my intercooler, I don't need anything crazy just something that will lower my egt's and a bump in power would be nice. Also would like to know of any personal experience with running a aftermarket cooler while running aftermarket turbo and intercooler tubes etc... If...