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  1. garrettlbz

    ISO 12mm or 14mm cp3 and injectors

    Looking for 12mm or 14mm cp3 pump and injectors for my lml 100% or bigger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. garrettlbz

    LmL hsp bundle and hitech 64.5mm

    Drop in 64.5mm hitech turbo (shop is based in slc) Could probably use rebuild soon, no leaks and powder coated to match high flow kit. 1200$ plus shipping Hsp piping and intake and y bridge 1200$ plus shipping Will make a deal on the pair Going twisted s400 is the only reason I am getting rid...
  3. garrettlbz


    225% exergy LBZ based injectors I had gotten from rpm motorsports, flow tested 2 of the set at ddp and they checked out. 2900$ shipped New in box, socal chromoly pushrods, full beehive spring kit, billet injector hold downs, and billet rocker bridges. Paid over 2100 for all of it, will take...
  4. garrettlbz

    LBZ: Wagler twisted pedestal

    Can you run the twisted pedestal with a standard 1 piece wcfab y bridge kit and factory plenums or will it only fit with their cast street intake? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. garrettlbz

    LBZ: Perfect turbo for 100% injectors LBZ

    All things aside what would be the best single charger for 100% exergys in my lbz with only maximum power in mind? I’m thinking either a box sxe476/83 or the stainless 5 blade 476/96. Would compounds be that much more effective power wise than a t4 valley charger ? Any opinions/suggestions...
  6. garrettlbz

    P0202 and truck is missing

    New here. I just got an 06 lbz deleted 0-100 dsp5 and few other minor things. It started missing and has p0202 code. Cleared the code and it ran fine for bit then started missing again. P0202 means low voltage to injector 2 from what I have read. Balance rates are all over the place on this...