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  1. 660catman

    Must be that new fuel!

    2013 Sierra SLE 2500HD Crew Cab
  2. 660catman

    coolant loss

    I apologize for the long winded post but the other day I had to use my truck. 2013 LML Sierra with 158K kilometres on it. Outside temperature was about -17c. Truck was not plugged in. Started truck and let it warm up about 10 minutes. Hooked up my sled trailer and noticed some coolant in the...
  3. 660catman

    Block heater

    I searched the forum to find where my cord was and found it. But a guy I know has an 08 that has two block heaters. Do all these have two or just one? Not sure if maybe someone added on his truck. He says he has one on each side. I can’t seem to find another cord in there. 2013 Sierra SLE...
  4. 660catman

    External filter change

    I’m a new owner of my 13 Sierra. I want to change the external filter. Do I need to keep buying the Allison replacement or am I good with a Wix brand? 2013 Sierra SLE 2500HD Crew Cab
  5. 660catman

    Another new guy

    Picked up my first diesel truck ever. 2013 Sierra 2500HD crew cab LML. Needed to upgrade from my Silverado 1500 gasser. Upgraded to a fifth wheel camper so I can pull the boat too. So far it’s all stock and it may remain stock. It has 139k kilometres on it. Hope to learn something about these...