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    LML converter wont spin after tightening bell housing

    Have a randys transmission that I am installing in a 15 LML for a customer, First i was sent a LBZ/LMM flex plate so I called and they sent out the correct one, now when I bolt the transmission up the converter will not spin. I have installed countless of these allisons and never had this issue...
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    LMM P0878

    Have a buddys LMM that he just bought. Had all kinds of codes being thrown and truck wouldn't move, replaced the TCM and had a it programmed and truck runs and drives now but every few times you put it into reverse it throws a P0878 code and says "range shit inhibited shift to neutral to reset"...
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    LMM no start after head gaskets

    Have a LMM we just finished head gaskets on. I don't know if I am just tired and over looking something or what. Truck will crank but won't start. only codes are IAT and Coolant temp sensor. Truck shows 5700ish psi of desired rail while cranking and only 71psi actual. Actual PSI does not...
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    Built Allison 1-2 shift flare when cold

    I've got a built Allison in my LBZ that was built by Josh H. At top notch garage in February of 2019. Has 26k miles on it since rebuild. Truck makes about 530whp if I had to guess. Trans has been great but for the last 5 or so months when the trans is cold in the morning it will flare really...
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    Tunes from Unleashed Duramax Tuning

    Anyone know how i can get in contact with Blake? Can't find a contact email anywhere and would like to purchase somethings from him if he is still tuning, or become a dealer so i can sell his tunes to my customers. Thanks in advance!
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    LMM ECM Plug broke

    A customer of mine broke a pin of for his dsp5 switch trying to change it. Then he tried to pull the plug apart and broke a bunch of ecm pins and the plastic cap that holds the plug in. I feel it would be easier and cheaper to just replace the entire plug at this point. Problem is i cant find a...
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    TCC slip rate in TCM tune

    I've got my LBZ TCM slip rate adjusted to try and help the converter lock at full throttle. It's set stock at 650rpm I think and mines adjusted to 900rpm. It works most of the time but sometimes leaves a bit to be desired. I know a lock up box is best but wanted to try adjusting the rpm to like...
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    Dan's Diesel 66mm wheel and cover kit?

    Was browsing through Dan's diesels site and found this, 66mm wheel and cover kit. Only looking to make 630ish HP in my LBZ and going to run 45% nozzles. According to their site with supporting fuel it shows this will be good for 675-700HP. Seems like it would be a bit rough on the internals of a...
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    30% nozzles stock cp3/turbo

    Wanting to get bigger nozzles in my built trans lbz. Stock cp3 stock turbo, my question is will bigger nozzles help hold rail pressure on a stock cp3 or make it worse? My thinking is a stock injector at 3200Pw in my mind would require more fuel then a 30% over nozzle at say 2600pw? Hoping to...
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    Lmm p0973

    Have a buddys LMM has 120k miles was all stock and not deleted until 500 miles ago. running a small 40HP single tune. it clunks really hard when going from reverse to park and this morning while passing a car at about 50% throttle it limped and threw P0973 shift solenoid A Control circuit low. i...
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    LBZ front diff slop

    Have a 07 LBZ 192K miles, 4 wheel drive works great but I heard one slight pop when spooling up to do a 4 wheel launch the other day. I hopped under the truck to just check things out and found some slop in the diff where the CV shaft bolts. The other side has a little slop but not near this...
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    biggest tires on stock height and 20x10s

    Me being the stubborn guy i am i was determined to make my lbz 4 wheel launch with it leveled. After trying different things for almost 2 years im finally giving in and lowering the front to stock height for the street and pulling torsion bolts out for the strip. If i run stock height in the...
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    DHD Brace with leveled truck

    my lbz has cranked bars slightly. truck isnt totally level still sits about a inch lower in the front. I bought a DHD brace so i could run it leveled on the street and lower it for the track like i have seen and heard of some others doing. How ever my brace wont fit. with it bolted up to the...
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    Goerend "R" or Goerend "DK"

    Ill be dropping my truck off to Josh H next week hopefully to get my LBZ trans built. He recommended the "R" converter with billet stator. I have a LML converter in my LBZ right now and i hate it. Its super loose and feels like im blowing all my power out the exhaust when the converter is...
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    All over the place when launching

    I have an 07 LBZ CCSB and when launching in 4 wheel drive it's all over. It is leveled and on 20x10s with 305/55r20 bfg all terrains ko2s. When I had my stock wheels with it leveled I could launch the crap out of it and it would go straight as an arrow and really didn't feel to hard on the front...
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    LMM Duramax from hell!!!

    So we've had a 09 LMM dually for awhile now that no one can figure out. It started with blowing the DLIS (2amp) fuse randomly it progressively got worse where the fuse would blow as soon as you turn the key on. We were able to throw a slightly bigger fuse in the truck to get it started to get it...
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    LMM Blowing DLIS fuse

    Got a all stock LMM blowing the DLIS fuse under the hood. It was blowing ever couple days but now the instant you turn the key on it pops the fuse. Any ideas where to start?
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    Steering column play driving me insane!

    Okay so ive got a issue ive been dealing with and trying to fix for almost a year now. I replaced the steering box in my 07 LBZ with a red head steering gears box at 140k miles. at (150k now) when i replaced the box my factory box had play but the little wobble joint in the column that has the 2...
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    Torque converter shudder or suspension issue?

    Got a 07 LBZ CCSB 4x4, its got EFI live with 120hp tune but RARELY run it on that. Daily tune is a 65HP tune. Stock converter slipped on even the 30 horse tow tune so i had a LML Converter and a transgo jr installed about 20k miles ago. ive started getting a weird shudder/ jerking back and forth...
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    A/C blows ice cold then just cool then ice cold again?

    Not sure if this is in the right place but if not I apologize! I've got a 07 LbZ and the A/C will blow ice cold for a minute, then just cool for a few seconds then back to ice cold. My clutch kicks on and off at idle when on low blower settings but seems to cycle on and off less frequently when...