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    Coolant leak help .

    Got a coolant leak on 2008 , coming from a hose on the driver side rear of the motor under the cover . I think it’s a egr hose but not sure . Can y’all help me figure out the name of the part I need to replace ? It’s the hose under the little arrow . I used a pump to pressure up my coolant...
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    Off brand tires ?

    Anyone ever ran the off brand tires ? Been seeing some around town . Price is 1/2 of what I'm running now . Been seeng federals and royal black they are 10ply load range E
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    Steering shaft ?

    How hard is it replace the steering shaft ? I'm getting tired of the clunking and rattling . Just did control arms pitman arm Idler arm and bracket and tie rods .
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    Pitman arm and idler arm help

    Anyone have a god link to a video on how to do it ? Can't seem to find a good one on the YouTube . My truck is 05 4x4
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    Uca replacement

    I'm needing to replace my ball joints on my 05 4x4 . Question I have all the replacement parts I'm finding does not show for a 4x4 . Are the uca the same for a 2x4 and a 4x4 ? Should I replace the uca or just the ball joint ? Truck has 240k miles on it . Also how do I tell if my pitman arm and...