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  1. lutzjk913

    03 LB7 security light

    Back story. I bought a LB7 project truck to fix up and work on with my son. Picked it up last April. It went to get painted the first week of September and the painter had the truck for roughly 8 weeks. We got it back at the end of October. The security light was on as soon as I picked...
  2. lutzjk913

    LB7: HVAC control head knobs

    Looking at having some LED bulbs put in the HVAC control head on my sons lb7 now. I am wanting to update the control knobs to newer non yellowed ones. Does anyone have any idea where to get them? I think 2003-2007 manual HVAC are all the same. Thanks Or does anyone have any in good...
  3. lutzjk913

    Allison 6sp: 2015.5 trans issues

    Got a local guy that’s having a trans issue He reached out to me after a previous person tuned it and it ran like crap. Was super Smokey and shifted odd. I pointed him in the right direction and he got a EZ LYNK with PPEI tunes. Truck ran fantastic afterwards. It’s been about 3...
  4. lutzjk913

    LB7: Intermittent AC

    Got a small issue going with the regular cab I picked up for my son. The air conditioning works intermittent and has no rhythm to how it wants to work. It worked on the test drive and then most of the way home after I bought it. In this time frame of buying it early March and early June...
  5. lutzjk913

    Fall track day

    Looking at getting a group of guys together for a Sunday in October. National trails raceway 2650 national rd sw Hebron, oh 43025 Looking at Sunday October 21 Gates will open at 11 and it’s over at 4:00. This is test and tune only. We don’t have to stay that long obviously...
  6. lutzjk913

    LMM: Lockup problem in 5th

    Posting this for a friend 2010 LMM with marks tuning and a 65mm Danville charger He has a LMM And just got the transmission built. Has a Georend R Converter in it. He is experiencing a issue in 5th gear with around 25% throttle so basically normal driving. This will only happen when tow haul...
  7. lutzjk913

    Fastest stock turbo truck

    I have searched and can't find it. I could of swore there was a thread on here about it But does anyone know what the fastest stock turbo duramax is? Thanks, joe
  8. lutzjk913

    Re coating frame

    Looking to pull the bed and start re coating the frame soon What's everyone using to do so and what steps? I remember seeing somewhere on here a while back where someone did it but just spent the last 30 mins looking and can't find it. Thanks guys
  9. lutzjk913

    PYO's air pressure

    Headed to the track tomorrow night. Switched back to the pyos and 285/75's. Was wandering what everyone runs pressure wise. I was thinking maybe 40 lbs?
  10. lutzjk913

    LMM tap shifter not working

    Found this issue when I was pulling a trailer and went to manually down shift. Tow haul still works When I pull it down into manual mode it will stay in whatever gear it's in and won't shift up or down Any insight on this guys? Thanks joe
  11. lutzjk913

    using a lb7 short block in a lml

    Ok, I have a buddy with a 2011 lml. Supposedly the crank is cracked. He has a lb7 short block ready to roll. I have heard of people doing the reverse of this but never using a lb7 short block in a lml. Opinions? Thoughts? Thanks, Joe
  12. lutzjk913

    NADM @ national trails

    NADM is coming too national trails june 5th! who all is going?!?!?!?!?