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  1. ZeroGravity58

    WTB: stock 09 mirrors

    If anyone has the regular mirrors from their 08-13's sitting around and want to sell. A truck kicked something up off the road and destroyed my pass side mirror but luckily didn't hit the truck. Ill ask but I doubt anyone has a white one(mine are color matched) I'll take a regular black pair if...
  2. ZeroGravity58

    Traction control/stabilitrak

    Anyone know how to permanently or temporarily disable these. Went to the track last night. Kept turning them off but they kept coming back on. It would launch hard out of the hole and fall right on it's face with the traction light blinking even with them turned off. I'd have to hit the button...
  3. ZeroGravity58

    Billet Injector hold downs???

    Anyone here having problems with stock hold downs on the lly/lbz/lmm? I swapped nozzles a few months back and haven't had a problem until the other day. I ran the truck hard about 6 times making a few test passes now I have a tick on the pass side. I've only put probably 500 miles on it since...
  4. ZeroGravity58

    Anyone ever use a dragy?

    I bought one a few months ago and it's been riding around with me. Was out messing around tonight and it was hard to make a decent pass with traffic and the cold roads. Figured I'd give it a try. 1.89 60' 330' 4.97 1/8 [email protected] 1000' [email protected] 1/4 [email protected] Anyone else try these?
  5. ZeroGravity58

    Opinions on motor build

    Just asking for opinions on how you would set this up. Have a rotating assembly already. Durastar crank, carillo rods, mahle race cast. Power goal is 850-950 street/combo. Currently have a billet 68mm 4094vgt in the valley under a billet s480 with race cover, 100 overs, 10mm pump. As of now...
  6. ZeroGravity58

    Anti gravity lithium batteries

    Figured Id give some input on someone else who maybe buying one of these. I picked up the antigravity lithium ion H6 size battery 40ah, It's 1500 ca. I've had it in my truck for a couple weeks with surprising results. I don't run glow plugs and it cranks over much faster then the single leadacid...
  7. ZeroGravity58

    Shocks for 3/5 drop

    The front is stock with stock keys with the bolts out. Back has drop shackles but truck sits 3" higher in the back. I Ordered Mcgaughys drop hangers to bring the back down. problem is Rear shocks only have about 3" of travel left now. Was wondering if everyone runs stock length shocks or what...
  8. ZeroGravity58

    Cab vents/water leak

    Figured I share this incase anyone else is having this problem. I was hunting down a water leak in my LBZ for awhile. It would only get water in it when it was parked down hill and the water was always on the front floors. I checked drains, door seals, everything I could think of. The other day...
  9. ZeroGravity58

    Lbz GPCM delete

    For everyone that wants to delete the GPCM. I searched and didn't find much. Anyways while doing my head gaskets and unpinned and pulled everything out of the engine harness except the for CAN buss wiring. The GPCM on the LBZ has a 120ohm terminating resistor. I order a 2 way GT 150 J1939...
  10. ZeroGravity58

    Fuel gauge help

    It's been awhile since I've had a fuel tank apart. I always just put sumps in anymore but of course in my lbz the fuel gauge is always erratic. I suspect the sender is bad. Do I just buy the float assembly or the whole sender? Does anyone have one for cheap?
  11. ZeroGravity58

    Van thermostat housing

    I searched and I can't find it. What upper rad hose is everyone using with the van housing?
  12. ZeroGravity58


    Well I bought a new to me LBZ 2wd W/T in great shape about 3 months ago. Fixed a bunch of things like ball joints etc, added lift pump, gauges, fixed the EGR. Finally got it on the road last week. I Noticed a small puddle in my driveway only after it sits overnight. Sure enough coolant running...
  13. ZeroGravity58

    Different wheel offsets

    I was bored yesterday. I have a set of 20x9's with zero offset and 20x10's with -19 offset. Never liked how the back sticks in two inches but don't want to run wheel spacers. I swapped wheels around to check it out. The offsets come out perfect and both sets have 305/50/20 nitto 420's on them...
  14. ZeroGravity58

    New to me s10 blazer

    So I've just been enjoying my dmax for now so I got bored and needed something to wrench on. I found a 00 jimmy, 4.3l, 5 speed, 2 door, 2wd, with the 8.5 10 bolt, manual locks and windows with 88k miles on it. If you know s10s these are hard to come by. Gonna drop it some more, ordered zq8...
  15. ZeroGravity58

    Setup change for towing

    So I'm about to move into a new house with a two car garage. My kids are begging me to build another drag truck(they found all my old videos of when I ran the 10.50 index in my 92 S10) I'm thinking about stepping out of the diesel game a bit and swapping a carbed LS1 into another square body...
  16. ZeroGravity58

    Has anybody lately....

    Paid off a car/truck :D just made my last payment and damn does it feel good!
  17. ZeroGravity58

    143 mm turbo Who's gonna be the first to put this on a Duramax :D
  18. ZeroGravity58

    Help me!

    Ok guys I'm out of ideas so I'd figure I post it here for some help. I have a 01 s10 2.2l flex fuel 5 speed that is my beater truck. Has exactly 200k on it. Over the last couple weeks it has developed this problem. When you or driving along at random times it will feel like it's down on power...
  19. ZeroGravity58

    LMM: Cracked dash

    Any of you dealt with this? I know the truck is 10 years old but it really ticks me off. I have three big cracks across the top of the dash. Besides this the interior is mint. I've never taken the dash out but it seems like a real PITA.
  20. ZeroGravity58

    Manifold vs headers I came across this today...anyone think we could gain alot more power if we could do the same? Just thinking out loud.