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  1. Mike L.

    Mike L Transmission

    Just started a new business selling Transgo shift kits and valve body parts. Prices will way more than competetive. I will be selling coolers also that are NOT made in china and work. I have new stage 3 valve body springs that kick it up a notch over my old springs. Web site will be up shortly...
  2. Mike L.

    Oil Prices

    Just got a notice today from my oil distributor that all oil prices just went uo 15% across the board.
  3. Mike L.

    Pretty Cool Stuff
  4. Mike L.

    I'm going to have to retire.

    I will be retiring at the end of this month. My wife has cancer and I need to take care of her. I am also going to need an operation after that and it will lay me up for a while. Evan at Elevated Ingenuity will be taking over as the new owner. Shop will be in good hands and my crew is staying...
  5. Mike L.

    GMC Cyclone

    Thinking about buying one. Might be fun.
  6. Mike L.


    I like it.:thumb:
  7. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Evan, gmduramax

  8. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday WolfLLY

  9. Mike L.

    How's everyone doing with this virus crap?

    Hope you and your familys are doing well. God bless you all.:thumb::D
  10. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday McRat

    Have a good one Pat. :chicken2::birthday2::ballons::chicken:
  11. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday LBZrcks

    Have a great one Jason.:hug: :chicken2::birthday2::b-day::ballons:
  12. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Chevy1925

    Have a good one James. :birthday2::ballons::birthday::chicken2:
  13. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Poltergeist

    Have a good one Rob. :ballons::b-day::chicken2:
  14. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Subman

    Have a good one Ken. :chicken2::birthday2:
  15. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Josh H

    Have a good one my friend. :birthday2::chicken2::b-day::birthday:
  16. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Hondarider 552

  17. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Kat

    Have a great day Kat.:hug::D
  18. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday Limitless Diesel, gmduramax

    Have a good one Evan and Anthony:hug:
  19. Mike L.

    Something Interesting

    Funny looking Allison.
  20. Mike L.

    Happy Birthday LBZrcks

    Have a great one Jason. :hug::D