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  1. snowman22

    LML P0103 (MAF High Frequency)

    5v reference checked out so I put a sensor in it and the problems gone. Hopefully the Delphi one doesn’t screw me later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. snowman22

    LML P0103 (MAF High Frequency)

    I’ll check the reference tomorrow, but figured I would have more codes if it was sending a high reference voltage on the reference circuit. P0103 is the only code I have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. snowman22

    LML P0103 (MAF High Frequency)

    Never had this come up before and of course it happens 3 hours from home with the trailer. It sets immediately after start up and also sets again while driving immediately after clearing the code. I cleaned the MAF after limping the truck home and it didn't change a thing. I didn't see any...
  4. snowman22

    Squeal on acceleration

    If that's soot and not a shadow it's most likely your problem.
  5. snowman22

    Inflation .... whats your thoughts on todays Markets?

    With how much money has been printed and handed out inflation is the inevitable along with some kind of correction. However if the dollar looses too much value the correction won't actually be noticeable in the number on the market as it was in 08'. The dow can stay at 35k as long as the actual...
  6. snowman22

    Allison cooler for 2016 LML

    You are going to have to provide more info on the truck. I beat the hell out of mine and it has the stock cooler/pan and I don't ever have trans temp issues.
  7. snowman22

    High engine temps

    The dash never shows what the actual sensor is reading. What are your EGT's when all this is happening? I don't remember if you can even put the thermostats in upside down, but that could cause some real problems. What thermostats did you put in?
  8. snowman22

    LML ABS Causing Strange Bump at Stop Lights

    This is old, but represents how long this has been an issue of mine and hopefully will help someone somewhere. After replacing the rear wheel speed sensors my problem became much more intermittent until recently. I had always been under the impression all the other speed sensors were...
  9. snowman22

    2017 L5p

    DPF filters fall under the emissions warranty, but the EGT and pressure sensors do not. I was able to get a new DPF out of MBZ for our GLK250 with 77k miles on it.
  10. snowman22

    Time to Rebuild

    The 24" resonator I have makes it about as close to stock on my LML.
  11. snowman22

    Rear main seal

    Not super close but I know a few people who have had work done here that have been happy.
  12. snowman22

    Bad Turbo Symptoms

    Block the EGR and see what happens. If it's opening after warming up and not closing until shutdown it could cause the issue. Is it able to make boost?
  13. snowman22

    ABS Pain

    Can you actually get a speed reading from each individual sensor. I had a hub that would cause infrequent issues on my LB7 and couldn't find the issue until I watched the data live. If the readings all seem accurate under normal driving its probably time to get a real scanner that can read...
  14. snowman22

    Sous Vide

    It became a staple in our house after we started doing it to make camping easier. We vacuum seal everything and cook all our meat before a trip. The meat is fully cooked once it's done, but most things need a good sear on a hot pan. So while camping we take it out of the cooler/fridge a few...
  15. snowman22

    Sous Vide

    We sous vide everything except red meat. It doesn't seem to break down well, but it's rare in my house for everyone. Sous Vide is amazing for pulled pork.
  16. snowman22

    I'm going to have to retire.

    I will keep you and your wife in my prayers. You've done two of my trucks at this point and I always had a great time in your shop while it was being done. Evan definitely has some big shoes to fill, but will never replace.
  17. snowman22

    Charging Tilt trailer battery while driving (Parallel quick connect?)

    If it's always connected while in use (or a majority of the time) sounds like a great idea. However if you routinely connect your truck to a fully depleted trailer battery the shock of shoving the high amperage until fully recharged sounds like it would kill the trailer battery fairly quickly.
  18. snowman22

    losing coolant, no leaks or white smoke

    It lost ALL oil pressure? is the oil and coolant the color it should be?
  19. snowman22

    LML "Service Exhaust Fluid System" No DTC's after DPF Re-Install

    I don't remember it doing anything noticeable. It just ran the test and showed it completed on the screen. Once it completed successfully it no longer had the message on the dash. It seemed to be more of a system verification to allow the reset.
  20. snowman22

    LB7: 02 LB7 Audio Overhaul

    0ga is probably overkill, but can't hurt. I don't envy you trying to get it tucked away. If you still run a dual battery setup a capacitor isn't necessary, but would be a good idea if you have gone down to a single.