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valleyduramax 12-17-2017 01:14 PM

Lower valve covers
Just wondering what if any tricks or tips there are to removing the lower half of the valve covers. I am tearing top end of motor apart and am now at a standstill as the lower covers on both sides are stuck on. All bolts are removed and can't see anything holding them from coming off. Now with that, 7 out of the 8 injector hold down bolts twisted off when removing them. All I can assume is that the bolts are bound up against the bores and not allowing cover to pop off. I am at the point where I may just cut the covers up to remove as they are slowing progress to a standstill. Any other ideas?

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gmduramax 12-17-2017 01:19 PM

Did you take out the bolts that are next to the injectors?

PureHybrid 12-17-2017 01:26 PM

Yes the bolts will corrode to the lower cover. Best bet is to soak them in penetrating spray, I personally like a little heat and bee's wax.

Could also try drilling them a bit, but make sure to leave enough to get a bolt extractor on there once the lower cover is off.

valleyduramax 12-17-2017 01:32 PM

Ya all the bolts are out and the cover will flex up a bit. I'll have to put some more penetrating oil and heat them up some. Last resort is a small hole saw to cut the section around each of the 8 bolts. I have another set of covers anyway if I need to remove this set in pieces. At that point of frustration

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bmc1025 12-17-2017 02:14 PM

Even with just one bolt broke off they are a pain. Other than heat, lube and persistence I don't have any suggestions.

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