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SideWinder 09-11-2019 07:51 PM

L5P scanner suggestion?
I have a 2017 3500 6.6 Chevy with 17K miles on it. I mainly pull a 14,000 LB 5th wheel with the truck I would like to purchase a scanner or even a monitor to see regens. I don't plan to use it for much more then that but I wouldn't mind the ability to force a regen if ever needed. The truck seems to get a "Cleaning Exhaust Filter Continue Driving" at the most inconvenient times when I am not towing. When I get that message I would like to hook up the scanner and take it out on the road and know when its completed the regen. It seem like it stays on the display until I turn off the truck and restart it, thats after 10 miles of driving at 65 mph. I might not be driving the truck far enough to clear the message, who knows. I would just like to be able to monitor completion. I know this is subjective but something that won't break the bank (under $500) would be good too. Any suggestions?

I hope I put this post in the correct section.

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