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06DDLBZ 09-14-2018 08:38 AM

Wrecked, then flooded. Being resurrected.
Hello Everyone. Almost three years ago this December on Christmas day my wife ran my 06 LBZ off into a ditch and did some pretty good damage to the hood, passenger front door, and the passenger bed. Luckily the cab didn't get impacted or hit anything head on. It was a pretty bad Christmas day. I then brought the truck to my buddy who is a very good body man. He completed the repairs. While waiting on a part for the truck (aftermarket radiator back order) a storm hit and dropped 30 inches in 24 hours. The truck was 95% repaired and then flooded. The water got up to the trailer brake. Four of my five family homes flooded in the area so the attention was on gutting houses. When I got to my truck it was pretty devastating to see a truck that I took such good care of in that condition. Everything on the truck was shot at that point. The motor was water logged....the five month old Cavins transmission was shot...I had finished the truck before she wrecked three days before. The flood significantly impacted my operating expenses as I owned my home outright so all repairs and contents were not covered under insurance.

My plans were to build a motor for the truck, have it painted, new interior and have a brand new truck. Right now building a motor is not an option financially.

I had the truck painted back to stock color about a year and half ago. I don't have much to say about that. Finding a paint and body man that is reliable in my experience is very difficult.

A year ago I purchased an LBZ from California with a transmission with 90k miles for $6,995. Very clean motor.

My plans in the next few weeks is to drop the motor in, do some suspension work, and do anything I can now while the motor is not in the truck. I am going to post pictures of everything I am doing if anyone has anyone pointers please post them. I am by no means a master mechanic just a decent DIY guy.

Jacy_dzlguy 09-14-2018 08:33 PM

:coolspot: sub’d for pics

2004LB7 09-14-2018 08:41 PM

I think I remember you posting about the original wreck when it went into the ditch

Sounds like you haven't had much luck lately. I guess if there was no bad luck you would never have any good luck

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