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  • Hello, I am starting my lb7 swap into my 98 2500 4x4, just wondering what you did for the fuel lines?
    I'm new to the sight & c ur the man to talk to about 01-04 lb7 harnesses...I recently replaced my 01 motor with an 03 the egr shit...long story short I got it to fire but it's knocking that is when it stays running...aswell as it won't go n gear,I'm stuck & don't know what the hell to do any info will b greatly appreciated ...502-408-1061 thanks Corey
    Ok i see your point, but i have reasons for running the allison. The only problem now is i think i need the underdash harness and don't know where im gonna find one! I think this because under the engine fuse panel i only removed one of those big block plugs with the bolt in the middle, and thats all that was on there.
    The ALLISON is big and heavy, plus it hangs down lower than the engine bya about 2 inches or so. You would have to raise the engine up a good bit to get the trans pan to clear the ground. And it just isn't needed for a car as the 4L80E can do the job so long as your not towing.
    Thank you very much! I now have a much better understanding of what is involved, and like i have read in some of your posts, its not all that bad if you have an intermediate understanding of electronics. My only question why not run the allison, I already know i have to hack up the floor, and that the trans is much heavier, the crossmember needs to be a custom one, but is there something else that im missing?
    You can go stand-alone and then just run your own guages. All you have to have is the engine harness, underhood harness from the bale connectors to the fuse box, and ECM(TCM if your going with an ALLISON, but for a car I would go with a 4L80E and an OPTISHIFT controller or simliar to that). The truck fuse panel isn't required as you can wire in your own fuse panel which is basically how I went as I used my 95's fuse panel. You can go as simple or as complex as you want with it.
    Hey i like the swap you did on the burban, i bet its a real head-turner, im in the beginning stages of my 70 chevelle lb7 swap and im just curious as to what else i might need, i have the entire engine harness ficm, tcm, and the whole under hood fuse panel like you, i know im going to need a pedal as well, but can i just tap things like tach, speedo, pressures and temps into custom gauges or do i need a bcm, or and entire cluster.
    Thank you in advance, by the way i have an all data account so im good for resources just need a little guidance. o and email is the best way to get in touch with me [email protected]
    Hey cat what's up, ready to get back on our tuning??? I deleted my intake air heater yesterday wow what a bang for $15
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