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  • hey I got a 03 dmax lb7. Where the fuel rail pressure climbs up to max idle idk why. Already tryed injectors fuel filter fpr in cp3
    Nice meeting you Jeff truck looked great even though you said it wasnt running right I would really like to see it when you do have it running right, I was the one at the front gate sunday at the track
    hey its josh from the track camo said you may be able to help me with some tuning im running all duramax tuners tunes now i have all the same stuff as camomax besides the 2 cp3 but i do have an ind. injection pump i can send you the tune if you want thanks for your time..
    Truck is running GOOD man!!!! Buddy said he saw ya out in Indy this past weekend. Said u were running REAL good. Glad u got that hose sticking now.
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