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    LBZ: Will -51 offset fit?

    So what are my best options for minimal cutting, obviously -44 but anything better than that?
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    LBZ: Will -51 offset fit?

    Looking at a set of Sota 20x12 -51 offset wheels with 33x12.50x20 tires going on my stock LBZ with a leveling kit, usually people do -44 offset from what I have seen with this setup, anyone have any experience if the -51 will fit better or worse?
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    LBZ: NEW BDS 4.5 inch Coilover Conversion Lift

    Because I can’t stand the look and ride of the stock setup , my last truck was an 04 LB7 with a fab tech 6 inch lift on 35s with air bags and I had no issues towing with that setup
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    LBZ: NEW BDS 4.5 inch Coilover Conversion Lift

    Anyone used the new BDS Coilover Conversion Lift kit for the 01-07 (classic) silverado? I will be towing heavy at times and am torn between just doing a Zone 6 inch kit and turning it down to 4 inch or going with the BDS 4.5inch , is the ride quality and control with the BDS going to be that...
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    LBZ: 4.5 inch lift kit on 20s

    I really wanna see pics of white classic body silverados with a 4.5 inch lift and 20 inch wheels, would be curious 33's vs 35's. White trucks if possible. Trying to figure out wheel and tire combo for my new LBZ I just got thats bone stock at the moment.
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    Low oil pressure warning while towing heavy load

    You are extremely overloaded with that much weight behind you, I bet your truck was HEATSOAKED big time and the oil was thin as hell and who knows how hot. Change oil and filter and see if it comes back to normal, if it does keep towing weight at 16k MAX.
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    LB7: Extreme Lag in Hot Weather

    Fixed the issue the air filter was clogged! Wow they get dirty quick, cleaned it and lightly re oiled it truck rips the tires easily again even in hot weather :)
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    LB7: Extreme Lag in Hot Weather

    I will clean it and report back heading off on a 3000 mile road trip this weekend so it will have to wait until I get back next week. Thanks for the replies I appreciate it. I am also going to try and isolate the engine bay heat from the air box better if cleaning the MAF doesnt work.
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    LB7: Extreme Lag in Hot Weather

    Yes it was fully oiled when I installed it awhile back.
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    LB7: Fuel leak

    My fuel leak/smells were from the filterhead itself, there is a rebuild kit you can buy from Merchant automotive online that comes with everything to rebuild it and replace all the rubber seals that leak when they get old. Another thing to check is the injector hard lines that go through the...
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    need help

    You probably have damaged splines in the transfer case from driving it home after it broke, shine a light in there and snap some pics and post em up I bet couple of the splines are chewed up not allowing the new shaft to fully engauge.
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    LB7: kinda lost at this one need some direction

    I bet the filter head needs to be rebuilt, my primer had a slight leak (vapor leak) at times that would give me weird no starts at times, but once running no issues as the CP3 can suck enough fuel to get past the slight vapor leak but after sitting it would loose prime sometimes. Cost me like 50...
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    mpg not what I expected

    I average 23mpg Highway driving smooth and 18mpg city driving like grandpa. Back 10k miles ago when my injectors were going out my MPG was only 20mpg highway and 15-16mpg City, after I did the injectors myself MPG jumped up and runs like a dream. Might wanna look into that? 2004 CCSB 4X4 LB7...
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    LB7: Extreme Lag in Hot Weather

    So I have been having this issue only during the hot summer months when its over 80-degrees outside and the truck is fully warmed up, it has excessive turbo lag to the point where its impossible to even spin the tires when power braking at times, when its cooler out no problem lights the tires...
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    Help: XD Hoss 18x9 Fitment

    thanks allot I appreciate the help! Just ordered them, I will post some pics when I get em on.