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    Help me!

    Hmm might be onto something there. Could be collapsing a hose or something in the evap/vent system that resets or force/test opens at key-on. If it isn't venting properly over time you'll draw vac in there and the fuel pump just cant overcome.
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    Help me!

    Have you tried running it with the fuel cap off?
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    Help me!

    Shoot for the price of all the stuff you replaced you could have swapped it LOL! Hook your EFI Live up to it and run a Default_Imperial.PID datalog while you're driving it to work. The change before and after the restart you have to do should show you what its doing wrong.
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    Headliner is starting to peel

    You can poke a little hole in it and spray some headliner adhesive back there. Wait a minute or so for it to tack up a bit and stick the fabric back to the foam.
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    LLY: Need NEW Batteries.....Is Interstate any good...??

    Just my opinion...but no matter where I lived I would find the closest auto parts store and get their house brand with the good warranty(5+yr). Autozone, Oreilley, Napa, etc. I would not care.
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    Help: Need Help to Save a Cats Life

    Mike has "donated" PLENTY to sheep already :roflmao:
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    Edge CTS touch screen problem

    I had a CTS2 doing that same thing recently. Screen would register the touch like 1/2" to the right of your finger.
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    Chevy1925 (James) Truck/motor build

    Crower bois 4 lyfe :hug: :spit:
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    JP4 Jet Fuel use?

    Higher cetane would increase its flash point temperature, not lower it.
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    adjusting driveshaft, pinion angle

    Oh phew ok so as long as I remain a hillbilly I'm fine :rofl:
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    adjusting driveshaft, pinion angle

    I thought both angles relative to the driveshaft were supposed to be equal? :confused:
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    My New BFR

    Haha longer barrel than some people have on their AR-15!
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    Lets talk heads

    I have a pair of stock LBZ heads you could take to Larry's. Last set i had done there i think was $830 for new seals/guides/seats cut/flattened/vac tested.
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    Chevy1925 (James) Truck/motor build

    I don't roll race :baby:
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    Chevy1925 (James) Truck/motor build