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    Duck the MANN or throw in the towel?

    Ontario yes. My 2011 will not pass as it sits for a HD test, so I do not yellow sticker it, very hard to haul a trailer if you cannot register heavy though! Very strict here in Ontario my brother got a fix ticket for a missing EGR on his LLY....
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    Duck the MANN or throw in the towel?

    Highly depends on where in Canada.....
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    LML Crank Nightmares

    Yessir just tuned and deleted single tow tune in it. The big thing I’ve heard is the engine mounts are different?
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    LML Crank Nightmares

    Biggest things were the new head gaskets and studs since it needed head gaskets, the HSP air bundle, downpipe, and a drop in Midwest/CRT charger. Everything went onto the “new” engine except the charger it was far too loud for me. I’d have to agree I’m just curious on opinions far smarter than...
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    LML Crank Nightmares

    Hey guys, I have been daily driving a 11 LML that I bought from original owner with over 600,000 miles on it, I am at 705,000 miles now. At 675 or so it needed head gaskets, so I did ARP studs, grade Cs, hsp piping kit couple other small upgrades and CP3 swapped (had original CP4 in it 😅)...
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    2020+ lowering kits??

    Get you some 22x11 Forces (0 offset) and a 285/50/22 still be able to tow with it. I run this setup on my 16. My brothers 2022 is stock height on 285/50 and 22x10s and just rubs flap, so getting the offset pulled in further will help with tucking! Post pics when done!
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    Anybody have experience with fury tires?

    I have had decent luck with the Furys, if you are after a bit cheaper tire the Venoms have actually really impressed me so far. Corb is 100% the Ridge Grapplers or Toyo RTs (both built by the same company) are great RT tires.
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    DOC removal

    x 2 NARC I would say.
  9. RobsDmax Stickers

    Hey James, I would like 1 of each. Can you ship them to Canada? Thanks, Rob
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    Apparel Order

    Duh can't read on a good day lol!
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    Apparel Order

    Would take a black hoodie XL and one of each T shirt in XL white please!!!
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    Meet "Kleshay"

    To me the C4's hands down win the ugliest Vette award LOL!
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    Meet "Kleshay"

    I just bought a 06 Z51 for a STEAL. I am 27 and feel like every person I have seen driving a Vette is 50+ LOL! Sorry Tom! :roflmao:
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    Looking for Mower Advice

    I sell and have ran these for years now, (since I was about 5 I am 28 now) we own and run a JD dealership and sell Exmark/Toro as well. Based on what you are looking for you are going to have to decide on the tiller usage to me before you buy. The nice thing about Deere products is that they...
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    Rick Lance's Camaro has changed a bit

    Shoot me some info on it!