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    Mike L….

    Such terrible news. Mike was a great guy and a great friend. RIP Sir 🐑 🐑
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    Lb7 tune help please!!

    This. I didn't catch where he said it kinda runs. :D
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    Lb7 tune help please!!

    Looking at your mods, this truck would run with a stock tune. Not great, but it will run and drive. What exact issue are you having? Post codes, I'm betting there is another issue.
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    2004 LB7 pump rub

    Do it before the case leaks, or you'll need a case half as well.
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    Post codes, if you get only a P0700, need a scanner that can check the codes in the TCM.
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    Thoughts on Running ATF with your Fuel

    8oz to 26 gallons used to be the sweet spot.... tcw3 2-cycle. I've had best luck with Stanadyne Performance Formula (blue label).
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    04.5 LLY Fass 165 troubles

    As stated already, check the pressure with a gauge. Your theroy of too much pressure is correct. It will cause the regulator to not close off correctly, which will cause higher 'actual' rail pressure. It could also be the regulator itself starting to fail. Do you run any fuel treatment in the...
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    Bad knock at idle. No throttle response

    Hey guys! Been a minute. Came looking for some info, and saw an easy question posted lol. I may be more active, but been crazy busy lately. Also switched to the dark side, 4th gen cummins with plenty of goodies :cool:
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    Bad knock at idle. No throttle response

    Look up the ice pick method for LLY. GM has a repair kit for injector connector #2 and #7 if you want to go that route. Repair connector, clear code and good to go.
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    Need some computer help

    2 temp folders... System (Windows) files: C:\Windows\Temp & User files : C:\Users"name"\AppData\Local\Temp Shift + Delete will by pass the recycle bin all together Also delete all old restore points in management (Create a new one while there just in case too). HDD may be be on its...
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    White smoke from tailpipe after idle

    Also check w/ Eric at Merchant Automotive for LB7 injectors.
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    Question: 2002 Duramax

    does it build pressure right away or when it warms up?
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    LML trans tuning here!

    Editing my post (It's quoted in Korys post below). Thanks for clarification Kory. I was under a different impression. Efi live has a post as well, however I was not aware they were not working on the maps in beta. Appreciate the work in this direction.
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    LB7: VIN cross reference for correct steering box

    Dmax 99.9999% of the time will be a 3 spline Pitman, and a 33 Spline gearbox.
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    Math formula for injection timing ? &