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    New from texas

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Eerie Siri

    That's odd. Siri can really be invasive at times. I do own an iPhone myself but I find her inaccurate whenever I use her that's why I leave her off most of the time.
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    New work truck

    It looks great though.
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    Trailering camera

    Great info though. :thumb:
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    2018 Colorado

    Nice choice. Have fun with your truck!
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    My "build" thread.

    Sounds terrible. How's the condition right now?
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    Howdy from Central Texas

    Hey, welcome to the community.
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    From North Ga Mountains

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    truck towing pictures...

    What an impressive truck you got there. I'm just curious what rims are you using?
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    What did you think when you first heard about the Duramax?

    Initial thought and reaction is where to look for money to acquire one.
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    Hello from Sparks, Nevada

    I agree, I love the color as well.
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    Hello from Sparks, Nevada

    Cool truck you got there. Welcome!
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    Rick Lance's Camaro has changed a bit

    Looking good. :thumb:
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    New ride

    Looking good. :thumb:
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    That was interesting.