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    March '23 Chat -- "Drive to the sound of your own turbo"

    That’s the second time I’ve seen this happen now. Crazy. I’m also guilty of loose straps
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    Chevelle upgrades.

    Now that you said that I remembered his old truck came back to Ohio. Lol
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    Chevelle upgrades.

    Can’t wait to see it come together. It’s a shame he didn’t put the truck back together. I actually didn’t realize it was Brian’s old truck. Wow. Speaking of which what’s he been up to?
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    Chevelle upgrades.

    Did you pick up a new truck Rick?
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    March '23 Chat -- "Drive to the sound of your own turbo"

    Welcome to march everyone
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    February '23 Chat -- "Love the truck you're with"

    Something with green beer? Lol
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    S and B or HSP

    I’ve been rocking a s and b oiled filter for 10+ years. Probably more like 12-13 and never had a single issue. Buy an extra filter and clean them and let them dry good.
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    Flatbed trailer uprating/rebuild

    That’s how my jack is. I despise the location as well but oh well. I’d love to add a tongue box on mine like yours but I’d have to move the battery and jack location for a full size box. Or just go to a smaller box and offset it which is easier. Lol
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    PJ Trailers

    Make sure to post it up.
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    PJ Trailers

    Funny how this post popped up I was looking at PJ and quality trailers and ended up getting a quality one. The Pj trailers I saw depended on where they were sitting at dealer wise on quality. They definitely aren’t all made the same it seems. Some dealers order them really cheaped out on to...
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    January '23 Chat -- "New Year, New Gear!"

    Happy new years fellas Aren’t you guys in a drought out there in cali?
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    December '22 Chat -- "Shitter's Full!" -- and other Christmas "crap"!

    What heater did you get? Since we moved and I built the new barn my 70k BTU isn’t cutting it. Lol
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    Hyperflash turn signals

    110% correct. I had my truck flashed with this.