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    Check engine light on after first fuel fill up

    My 2021 3500 SRW is my 5th Duramax. Truck had a full tank when I picked it up at the dealership. Tonight at 497 miles, I put fuel in it for the first time at an Exxon/Mobil station where I have purchased fuel for years. Same pump I normally use, (no, not the gas pump). 10 miles later the check...
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    New to this forum, 2021 3500 CC/LB/SRW

    Hello: I started working on cars during high school. Went to work at a Chevy dealership a week after high school, 1971. Still in the auto industry. Do my own service work and maintenance if there are no codes. Former ASE master tech. My 2021 is my 14th GM truck. This is my fifth Duramax (02, 07...