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    cobalt tach install

    anyone using a 5 inch cobalt tach? whats the best way to wire it? cant find much info
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    Torque converter

    its a goerend 3600 stall, switched the pull truck to a manual, gonna put the built tranny in my street/tow rig
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    Torque converter

    can a torque converter stall be changed or is it cheaper to buy a new one?
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    LMM speaker upgrade; what to get??

    do you have a amp running them?
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    In need of new tires

    i have good luck with falken wildpeak at3w, great tire for all year long
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    Bfg Tko 285/70/17

    the bfgs are not like they used to be
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    LMM speaker upgrade; what to get??

    where did you put the new tweeters? in the piller?
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    Looking for head unit and speaker recommendations

    what head unit did you end up going with?
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    torsion bar removal

    anyone remove the torsion bar setup and run dual coil overs?
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    whats the best wax?

    whats the best wax for a black truck?