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    2013 LML Injector fuel knock

    No I use efi live
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    LML Turbo suggestions needed.

    I have a 64.5 sxe with a 80 turbine and a .83 gated housing over a s480. I like it so far. I have to do more tuning but it spools well
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    2015 C&C dual tank stock file wanted

    would you still happen to have that file you could email me? thanks
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    Engine oil

    Cenpeco 15w40
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    I don't have any rubbed wires. I have looked at everything. I am starting to think it is a canbus issue. I am going to get this come hell or high water
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    I have the exact same problem on a customer's truck. I did all the same stuff and it still won't fire. No power to the injectors. I am at a loss. Unfortunately, this one didn't go up in flames!
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    Any Skid steer guys in here? CAT 246.

    Did you put a new thermostat in it? Might need one. My new Holland runs cool until you really work it.
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    Please help! Loss of power... at my wit’s end

    Since you did an get delete, I have a hunch that the oringed tube that goes into the mouthpiece has slid out under boost
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    Twins with Twins, Anyone?

    Put flex seal on them and if if works call Phil Swift. He may sponsor you!
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    High EGT's, no smoke, full fueling, and vanes working - WFT?

    Make sure your MAF is reading correctly. That plays a big role
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    2009 better MPG

    I could get 18-20 with my 08 that was lifted with 35s. My own tunes and hand calculated. It is definitely possible for you to get mpg. A lot depends on the right foot
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    Decent build?

    Sounds fine. You should be plenty good with that. I would do bigger injectors.
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    Any Skid steer guys in here? CAT 246.

    I would just use the UA crank. I think you will be just fine
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    Need stock tune file for 2012 cab and chassis

    I need a stock tune file for a 2012 cab and chassis with dual tanks. I can give you the vin or fill out all the segments of the stock file. I am just seeing if anyone has one. I have about all of them except for cab and chassis