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  • Welp, kinda turned it up lol.

    I was running a local street truck event and was running tune 1 dialing 11.70s and red lit in the semi's so at about 4-500' mark turned it to tune 3 and went 11.2 at 123. I think I found my 10 sec tune :) lol
    After this turn around is over. I need to get with you on it, maybe some good food, and lots of beer one weekend at my house puttin it on?
    hey im just starting to get on this site a little more but cant figure out how to start a new post was gonna see if anyone had some insite on why i am getting oil in my water reservoir but dont know how to post lol
    Proverbs 22:1 BBE
    A good name is more to be desired than great wealth, and to be respected is better than silver and gold.
    Nice! As of right now I'm planning on going too. But the baby is due mid November so not sure how that is going to play out just yet.
    Dang man, that's no good. They left today didn't they? He should do good with that fresh trans in there haha
    It is who you think. Thanks for the vote, i thought it would be best to put that user name to bed. 60 over sounds like the place to start fer sure, but with 100% over and good tuning would that not be more desirable!?? The so cal diesel site has this " double power needs double fuel" philosophy, i have a call into them, i have not had a return call yet. Thanks again- cheers
    Go bigger? Is there a standard size used for tow/street? I plan to top out somewhere between 650 & 700rwhp with a 40/45 twin set up in the distant future. I know for longevity the engine should/needs to be built i dont want to buy injectors twice tho. This truck will never compete on a track. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    No they arent open today and I called evadale and they said they are still calling a total rain out.
    Hey bud, Evadale called a rain out even though it is cleared up here now. I havent checked with RPR in Baytown yet.
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