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  • Hey Ben I purchased a line pressure box for my 13 lml. I was installing earlier this evening and came to the point where I needed to conect the momentary switch and ran into some troubles. The online directions say to. One to to the wire coming from the box. But from what my research has let me know that the switch provided in your kit needs to be installed into the 10 pin connecter. I am not sure which number whole to insert the swith wires into. Any help would be much apreciated seeing how my truck is down until I get it all buttoned up.
    Dirk Richel.
    Ben, this is Miles. You are working on an LMM harness for me. I haven't been able to get in contact with you for awhile. Just looking to see where the harness is at in being made. Please contact me.
    Left u a few messages Ben. Please give me a calll ASAP. I need a lockup box right away. I know your probably busy but thank u. Bill. 330-221-3629
    Ben, I made an order with you on the 21st, you said it would send ou the 23 with upgraded shipping for the wait. It Has not shown up, I was charged the full amount and I would like to know where it is since I payed for it 2 weeks ago! I've called and sent a ton of emails. Sure would be nice to know what's going on. I have a sled pull Saturday, and I already missed a drag race the weekend before, because I didn't have the lock up box!
    Ben my partner has an old style lock up box with out the auto mode can that be upgraded? Its for a lbz lmm I have a picture on my phone but I'm not sure how to send it to you on here.

    Thanks, Scott
    Hey man I'm looking at the torque lock switch and an idle raise (unit I guess) . I want to get some info from you about it. So if you don't mind pm-ing me about it that would be great! Thanks, Sean.
    Hey ben, i bought a lock up box from ATP i followed instructions when installing the box, upon being finished i started my truck and went to turn it off and it stayed running , pulled the key out of the ignition truck still runs .. Can u help me out ? Thanks Ryan [email protected],
    Hello - I am looking for the automatic start module for idle raise and heated seats for my customers vehicle. Please call me 6314455836. Joe
    Ben you have an email from me. I'd like to resolve the issue in regards to the controller. Let me know.
    Trying to do a conversion on a 03 GMC. need help with the electronic end of things. let me know if u can help me out. thanks!
    Ben looking to have you work on my truck. Are you interested? Simple stuff exhaust, intake, etc. to help my mpg. Please let me know as I am running 100,000 miles a year and would like to gain some MPG. Also, I would like to talk about a cooler. thanx tim 401-487-2973

    I am in need of 2 Stand alone harnesses... 1 for an 03-04 LB7 and one for an LBZ for my dyno cart and my truck next year... the lbz one will go in my puller after i use it on the cart.. i think i could make them but it would save me alot of time if i had you do it...

    Price, and what parts do you need.... i have extra truck harnesses
    Hey Ben - haven't been around here much... for months! Hope you are well, happy thanksgiving. Who is making the good twins these days - not off the shelf chargers - thinking in the 80 +mm for the big.
    hey Ben do you carry airdog 150's im thinkin of addin one lookin for a price and figured to give you the first shot on one let me know i got teh money for this one
    Sorry to bother you I was told you can make and or sell, wiring harnesses for these duramax monsters. I have an 06 LBZ with allison transmission (auto) I need a harness made, or to purchase so I can drop it in a 72 short box chevrolet C-10. Any idea on price or who does sell these?
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