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    LB7 oil pump conundrum.

    Is there fuel in your oil? I found out mine had a leaking return line and it would slowly add fuel to my oil and oil pressure would drop to almost nothing. I fixed the leak and my oil pressure has been fine since.
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    7way connector found under bed

    That is for brake light only signal like if you had a camper shell with the center brake light
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    7way connector found under bed

    Yes, thats exactly what mine looks like
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    Rattle at idle

    Crawl under and hit your cat with a rubber mallet and see if it rattles, if it does the cat is broken up inside.
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    ABS-Brakes light on Intermittently

    If you take the control module off the pump you can take it apart and resolder a few connections and that usually fixes it. There are lots of videos online that show which terminals. Ive done this to two trucks and had it work.
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    Transfer flow fuel tank sender values?

    I just found a good deal on a 50 gallon transfer flow fuel tank with the built in tool box that came out of a 2004 dodge 3500. It came with the monitor that tells you how much fuel is in the stock tank as well as the aux tank. I was able to do some searching and find the dodge sending unit...
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    Inflation .... whats your thoughts on todays Markets?

    Yep it seems like everyone is hiring and cant find people. Its hard to compete with the government that pays you to sit at home.
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    Sac45 tuning I think this might have some of the info youre looking for.
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    One broken head bolt

    I just did an LLY head job and it only cost me about $500. Machine shop charged me $140 to inspect, clean and surface the heads. If you have the time and take your time to do it right it isn't that hard.
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    Hummer H2 Dmax engine swap?

    It probably would be about the same as putting a duramax in a suburban and lots of people have done that.
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    A mutual fund is a group of stocks that is professionally managed. Some of them have fees for this others do not. I like them because I can buy them and not have to worry about checking them every day. Yes they still go up and down like everything else but the risk of losing a lot of money is...
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    I use etrade. Its pretty easy to use. I have some mutual funds I invested in. Less return but also a lot less risk.
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    LBZ: Starter Continuous Click + Glow Plugs

    Use a multimeter to measure the voltage drop in the positive and negative cables. Put one probe on the battery post and the other on the starter post and have someone crank it while you watch the voltage. It should read close to zero. Do the same with the negative. That will tell you if/where...
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    02 LLY swap

    How hard was the swap? Ive got an 02 Ive thought about doing the same to. Everyone says its easy to swap an 03 or 04 lb7 to lly.
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    LB7 Drop-In's

    Ive always wondered how much engineering actually goes into them.