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    @RickDLance - When will the up pipes be available? Do you have a price point in mind on these??
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    369sxe real world ETs

    Mark - What era of DMAX was this? LBZ?? What kind of boost did you see out of it? .91 or 1.0 housing at that kind of power? Thanks
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    analog gauges on LML ??

    I have a set with pillar pod and all that I'm trying to sell from my truck. Auto meter boost gauges - 60 psi and 100psi, and an edge cts in the bottom pod for monitoring egts and fuel
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    Allison 5sp: Converter help/ recommendations needed for new setup

    I've got a lightly used 1058sc with 2300 stall for sale. It was a nice converter. I went with a higher stall for new turbo's, only reason for selling
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    Des Moines

    I'll be Moline area in 6 weeks... I've got a buddy with a 6.7 stroker in DSM area. We'd meet up at events if there was a following
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    LMM: EFI Live DPF Delete

    Just go to the DTC section, and disable all the emissions related codes.... If you miss one, it'll pop up when you drive the truck. Tuning is trial and error based on theory. Start small with any change, repetition and data log to dial it in!
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    LML P128e?

    My problem was before the cp3 swap. If I let out before 40% TP, the rattle would stop and no code as well... But you can't really drive a truck like that LOL. Cp3 is a must on these trucks. CP4 just isn't reliable even if you're not trying to make big power.
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    LML P128e?

    Did you find anything out on this? My LML was doing the same thing, so I took it in and got the cp4 upgraded to a CP3. My CP4 hadn't grenaded yet, I assumed it was just about to go though. Same symptoms. 0-40% throttle position it was fine at first, then you'd hear the rattle and the data log...
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    LMM: EFI Live DPF Delete

    Send me the file and I can change it and send back if you want. B2501 - NO B2502 - 0 Then kill all the DTC tables that are related to the DPF Might as well disable the EGR if you have not done so already...
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    Help: No Headlights

    What was the solution?? Same problem and I'm thinking bad ground as well
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    E-fan controller for the duramax

    bump... I have an LS1 fan setup out of a 98 vette and I'm interested in this controller to make it work on a 07 lbz project i'm in the middle of. I'm just starting on the coolant part of it so the sooner i hear back, would be great!