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    Allison specialist in Washington, Seattle and south (Enumclaw, Auburn, etc.)

    I have had a few of Scott’s transmissions current one has been 11.06 at 127 in a 6800lb truck. Truck pulls a fifth wheel trailer to the track unhooks and races, has well over a 150 passes most 11.5 or faster. Scott’s allison’s may leave something on the table in an all out competition platform...
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    S400 series over 4094 suggestions

    Mine are .020 over with .075 reliefs
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    S400 series over 4094 suggestions

    I’ve got around 220-250 1/4 mile passes none slower than 11.6 and 25000km on a set of fingers they are a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.
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    S400 series over 4094 suggestions

    Fingers cast oval bowls get my vote
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    VGT turbo controller for lb7??

    As far as I know DPS offers it with an electronic actuator that can be programmed.
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    1/4 mile discussion and time slips post here!

    If I don’t get on this damn list soon my pile is going up for sale lol doesn’t sound very promising for our local track this year though:banging:
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    S400sxe as a single?

    What’s the farthest anyone has pushed the 475/87/1.0 on a built engine truck? I have been throwing around the idea of building a single setup.
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    Ford F-250 Death Wobble

    One of my 550 service trucks had it, started at 20,000k and has been a battle ever since. Rebuild the front end only to have it start again in another 20,000. Out of the last 4 fords I've had it’s the only one to do it. Extremely frustrating to say the least.
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    What did you do to your home/shop today?

    That portion is 12/12, rest is 9/12 and 2.75/12. Ya I’m young and don’t mind doing it on my own place but definitely wouldn’t want to do it for a living. This is our forever home and I absolutely will never build again lol
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    What did you do to your home/shop today?

    Finally started shingling the new house today!
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    Best Duramax Tuning Central Texas

    Aaron at all in trucks in Seminole
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    LB7: Biggest turbo

    The new Gtx55 Garrett would be my choice depending on build specs. What’s the specs on rest of the build?
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    Questions about lowering

    What style air bags do you have in it?
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    LMM: Socal Water pump Bypass

    Ooh that’s definitely going in my next build, me and rev limiter are good buddies lol
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    LML Air Dog - Cab & Chasis

    personally I wouldn’t bother with sumps unless you plan on going past stock fuel.